Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Cons to Ban Abortion and Gay Marriage

How do I know that? Because when their sinister, deranged leader says he won't, I know he WILL.

Because he lies about EVERYTHING. And I wouldn't trust him as far as I can spit.

Not with his record.

Not when the FIRST thing he did when he came to power was attack women's rights like a theocon in heat. And his assault on women since then reads like something out of the Handmaid's Tale. 

Not when he has voted against every single bill designed to protect gays and lesbians from prejudice and violence. And since he came to power has discriminated openly against them, defunded their organizations, reduced them to the status of second-class citizens.

Not when he has refused every request to fight bigotry or bullying.

Not when the grotesque homophobe Jason Kenney has been parading around telling immigrants to join them in putting women and gays in their place.

A botched delivery has laid bare the Harper government’s plans to win over immigrant voters by appealing to their social conservatism before an election that the party believes will be under way by March 29.

Not after I saw how a so-called private member's bill on the Gun Registry suddenly became a whipped vote. Those scummy Cons must think we're IDIOTS.

A friend out West told me that a well-connected theocon told him one of Kenney's socon minions promised that abortion would be severely restricted, and gay marriage dead before the end of the FIRST year of a Con majority government. 

I believe my friend more than I could ever believe Harper. And if he'd made a tape I'd be playing it every day.

But then I don't really need to eh?

Because others also have long memories.

"Your beliefs, your values, our values are the real Canadian values," said Harper, then Opposition leader, at an anti-gay marriage rally in Ottawa in April of 2005. "And you know my position; you know the position of the Conservative Party of Canada. When elected Prime Minister at the next election, we will bring in legislation that defines marriage as the union between one man and one woman."

And as you may know, I got that one on video...

Pretty, aren't they?

Dare I hope that anyone in the MSM might ask Harper whether he still believes that being gay is a behaviour not a sexual orientation? And why his government is still subsidizing this wingnut organization.

And if he also believes that gays can be "cured." Like the crazy bigots in Amerika do. Or the religious fanatics in his jumping Jesus church, who believe that women must be "subordinate" and that gays are an "abomination."

Of course not. I don't expect anything from the MSM. But it doesn't matter eh?

Because I know a bigot and a misogynist when I see one.

And I wouldn't trust those sinister Cons, as far as I can VOMIT.

Fight them, fight them, fight them.

Don't let them WIN...

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  1. Harper will definitely turn back the clock on women and LGBT rights faster than a heartbeat if he gets his majority.

    But the sad thing is that most people who support those rights have never voted for Harper and those who aren't necessarily against those rights but not focused on them might vote for Harper if it means tax credits for little Johnny and Debbie's sports and arts activities. They won't even bother to question whether the world is going to be cruel to their Johnny and Debbie should they be gay or in need of an abortion or for any of their close friends who might need those rights to protect them.

    I have too many colleagues who are very open-minded on these issues but who will also look to their own personal gains first and foremost when voting. And that unfortunately is a HUGE problem.

  2. The Cons could even abbreviate this statement, in the name of efficiency, and say: We promise to abort all gay marriages.

  3. hi Beijing...you are right, in addition to every other horror Harper is trying to buy himself a majority with our money. And unfortunately in this country there are enough greedy grubs who are easily bought. Our wealth has corrupted many in the worst way possible. What I am hoping for is those who hate what the Cons are doing will be sure to vote, while the grubs will stay at home guzzling beer in their pyjamas. :)

  4. hi James...you know I just read this old speech:


    And if anyone believes that he will not attack the rights of gays they must be delusional.

    As for this:

    We promise to abort all gay marriages.

    My response is this:

    I vow to abort the Cons by whatever legal means possible... :)