Tuesday, April 12, 2011

You've Got to Give the Harpers Credit...

The road to a majority is a hard one. Being President and First Lady of Canada isn't easy. They sometimes come off as a little distant and cold.

In fact some say Big Daddy can turn a glass of water into a block of ice by just looking at it.

But nobody can deny that their parties are HOT !!!

Disgraced former Stephen Harper aide Bruce Carson brought a reported ex-prostitute and money-launderer to 24 Sussex Drive to meet with the prime minister and his wife during a party at the official residence, the Conservatives have confirmed.

The event was attended by about 60 or 70 exclusive guests, including some prominent Conservative power couples.

A source at the party said much of the attention was inevitably drawn by Carson and his younger companion.

*Sigh*. How romantic... in a dark sort of way. It's almost like a mixture of Con Cinderella and Cabaret.

Damn. Why wasn't I invited? #!#@&!!

I would have loved to hear the former member of the violent prostitution ring giving Great Hot Leader some advice on how to run his corrupt government. Or hear him ask her what he once asked that CBC reporter:

"Do you like handcuffs?"

Because that's soooooo him eh?

Oh well. That'll teach me not to judge a book by its cover. Or a bitter nerd by his sweater.

Appearances can be so deceiving...

Wow. That WAS hawt. The next time I hear about a Con party I'm going to ask Dr Roy to invite me.

If I can pry his humungous hotness away from little Jimbo Flaherty...

Which won't be easy eh? Because I have to admit they do make a perfect couple. One can't write, and the other can't count.

But seriously....you know what the unfunny part is? The guest of honour at the Bordello Night at 24 Sussex was Ian Brodie. The college professor who wrote a book called Friends of the Court: The Privileging Of Interest Group Litigants in Canada.

The ideological fanatic who as soon as the Con Regime seized power, set out to destroy the Court Challenges program, and launch a massive assault on the rights of women, gay people, and other minorities.

The Harpers laughed. The Con powerbrokers rattled their jewelry, Bruce glided stumbled by with his Cinderella. Ian Brodie got away before the coach turned into a pumpkin.

Oh yeah. Appearances may be deceiving.

But it's an ugly Con world...

h/t Big City Lib

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