Saturday, April 16, 2011

Elections Canada Stifles the Student Vote

I was glad to see the heroic Canada Brigade at the University of Guelph has made the Cons look like fascists.

The bad news is harvesting that student vote just became a lot harder.

An increasingly common gambit to get students to vote descended into a fierce and partisan procedural squabble at the University of Guelph on Wednesday. Now, in a bid to prevent similar headaches, Elections Canada has outlawed similar efforts across the country...eliminating a potentially easy way for students to vote early during their busy final exam period.

So the fascist apes got what they wanted.

I must say I find this decision bizarre. Shouldn't Elections Canada be doing all it can to encourage young Canadians to vote?

So why did they fold so easily?

Welcome to Harperland. Where elections are a nuisance, or an annoying experience.

“I’ve never seen this level of annoyance in any other kind of content testing we’ve done with this tool,” said Jaideep Mukerji, a vice-president with the Angus Reid polling firm.

And soon won't be necessary.

Oh well. Don't tell the students at my old alma mater.

Because they still BELIEVE...

And I believe in them. Because without that kind of enthusiasm to overcome the apathy, we won't WIN.

Besides...I spent ninety per cent of my time at McGill playing pool, and I still passed my exams. So taking twenty minutes to vote shouldn't be too hard.

Oh one more thing...since it is Friday night...did you ever wonder where those fascist Con apes came from?

Well I just found out eh?

And it's really SCARY...

OMG. Did you see the cold dead eyes of that last ape? It was DEFINITELY Harper.

The good news?

What we created elected by mistake we can DESTROY.

And the youth of Canada WILL be there when their country needs them.

Ooga boogah chunky monkey.

Have a great weekend everybody !!!

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Mark @ Israel said...

I agree. It is bizarre that Elections Canada should stifle the student vote. Most probably, they have a hidden agenda. Or somebody might be behind the move. We'll never know until we dig deep.