Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stephen Harper and Our Diseased Democracy

I always knew he was a monster. You know I did. I always knew he would do ANYTHING for a majority. We all did.

But now I think I can say this categorically: Stephen Harper is to the Canadian body politic what syphilis is to the human body.

Jack Layton accused his opponents of launching a smear campaign after a report alleged the NDP leader was found naked in a Toronto massage parlour long before he got into federal politics.

A political thug who would infect our democracy with the disease of American politics, cripple and blind it, and drag our country into the gutter. 

I see the Con Death Machine is denying any responsibility.

Conservative party officials declined comment Friday night.

“All I can say is it wasn't us,” said one senior Tory insider.

“We have no interest in this and, if anything, this kind of a story benefits the Liberals not us,” said the source.

But since just a few days ago a top Con operative, they flew in from Chicago, was accused of peddling a ridiculous story about Michael Ignatieff.

And since we now know from which stinky swamp these Con operatives come from.

Opposition parties have long suspected that the Tories use U.S.-based and (likely) Republican Party-affiliated political consultants to develop campaign strategy. But determining which consultants are on the payroll is difficult.

Do they really think anyone will believe them? And would YOU trust these RepubliCon sleaze monkeys with a Canadian government, let alone a majority?

Oh boy. My parents prepared for a lot of things, they warned me about all kinds of bad people. But they never could have prepared me for this. And for a moment when I first read the story, I thought I was going to vomit.

The good news? It's probably going to backfire. Jack Layton will have a far easier time denying that he did anything wrong, than Stephen Harper will have denying he is a sleaze artist, or a political pervert.

And of course it only reinforces what I have come to believe at the end of this election campaign. Vote smart, but if you can join the orange wave join it.

Let it roll across the country like a democratic tsunami, wash these filthy Cons into the sewer of history.

And make our country clean again...

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