Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Snake Oil

Oh no. It looks as if Great Ugly Leader is getting a little ... um...agitated. Once he screamed at his captive audiences about the dangers of the "Separatist Coalition." Now he's rattling his skull, shaking his feathers, and warning about the perils of smiles and snake oil.

On Wednesday night, the Conservative Leader launched his sharpest attack so far on Mr. Layton, warning voters not be lured astray by “smiles and snake oil” and offering dire warnings of the damage the New Democrats might do to Canada.

When in fact never has their been a more Big Oily leader. Or a more dangerous one. The snakes are in the PMO.

Sun Media owner Pierre Karl Peladeau took Muttart to task Wednesday, saying he supplied false information to the news organization that inaccurately portrayed Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff as a planner of the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.

And even the Dark Lord of Sun Media knows a loser when he sees one.

"If any proof is needed to dispel the false yet still prevalent notion that Sun Media and the Sun News Network are the official organs of the Conservative Party of Canada, I offer this unfortunate episode as Exhibit A."

And he should know eh?

And look !!!! Now the thugs in the PMO are fighting each other.

Rattled Conservative insiders, who spoke only on background, said Muttart, a former deputy chief of staff to Stephen Harper and senior political operative, was treated badly by both the party and the Sun. Some blamed campaign director Guy Giorno.

A Conservative party source said that while some thought getting rid of Muttart was a good thing, there are people inside the campaign who “are pissed about how he was treated.

With only FOUR days to go before the election.

And let's not forget that some of his other senior advisers have bigger things to worry about than a Con majority. Like prison.

And as you know, Harper's parrot Dimitri Soudas is similarly distracted.

One moment he's trying to muzzle the media, the next moment he's talking to his lawyer.

Oh. My. Goombah. All I can say is the next time Harper's former senior adviser Bruce Carson, and his hooker former leader of the violent prostitution ring, visit the PMO, they'll be in good company.

Can you believe it eh? Once they were fighting for a majority. Now they're fighting each other over the next best thing...

Yikes. No wonder more and more Canadians think Jack Layton would make the best Prime Minister.

Poll after poll Wednesday confirmed Jack Layton’s NDP is in a solid second place, even as a new leadership survey suggests Canadians now feel he’d make the best prime minister of the pack.

You know when this election campaign started I was a bit worried about a Con majority. And of course about going to prison.

But now that I realize that the Cons are the ones heading for the pen, and will need all the snake oil they can get, to rub on the backs of their new and heavily tattooed friends. In lieu of... um...other favours.

I can't wait to write a victim's statement on behalf of the Canadian people, to try to triple their sentences.

And I'm feeling really hopeful...

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BrightenedBoy said...

I know pretty much nothing about Canadian politics, but here's to hoping that a liberal prime minister and Parliament coalition come to power.

You guys are a beacon of hope to we sensible Americans who harbor hopes of one day leaving the U.S.

Simon said...

hi BrightenedBoy...we are working hard to defeat these RepubliCons, to get our Canada back. I think we are going to make it.
So it can look good again just in time to welcome our progressive American friends... :)