Thursday, April 28, 2011

Even Nature Hates Stephen Harper

Caramba. It seems that Great Ugly Leader is being buffeted by the winds of change.

Harper’s final campaign week has been a logistical nightmare.

The man who preaches stability has encountered turmoil everywhere.

Tuesday night, fog of epic proportions forced his flight to be diverted from Kitchener to Toronto.

Wednesday, apocalyptic thunder storms descended on Waterloo as he left a local manufacturing plant.

Thursday, winds of biblical force buffeted his bus as he departed Niagara Falls, then a fire broke out across the street from the hotel at which he had just spoken.

Reporters following Harper to a winery tour were involved in a minor car accident and trees were uprooted along the road.

Golly. I knew that magic wooden chicken I picked up in Mexico would come in handy eh?

If I rub it hard enough I think I can deliver a tornado this weekend and an earthquake orange wave on Monday.

Harper you cockroach. That'll teach you to torch the planet.

Hooray for Mother Nature. Long live Canada.

And as for the couldn't stop the Canadiens from being eliminated from the playoffs. Damn.

But making Harper's farewell tour a nightmare is even BETTER.

So Viva Mexico too !!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Every day of the campaign, the Harper people have had to issue an apology, clarification, retraction or explantion.

It reminds me more and more of Stockwell Day's run back a decade ago.

An omen, perhaps?

Simon said...

hi Torontonian...I'm hoping it's a good omen indeed. I can't believe how the Con campaign is unravelling. But as you can probably tell I'm REALLY enjoying it... :)