Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stephen Harper, the Darkness and the Light

It was a ghastly way to begin my day. There was Stephen Harper with his shirt unbuttoned, declaring that this was the anniversary Michael Ignatieff voted to support an i-pod tax.

When of course he didn't.

Great Ugly Leader was just lying. Again.

And then I saw  this story.

And how now we will never know what horrible things Stephen Harper is hiding. Or whether we are dealing with a tyrant or a WAR CRIMINAL.

Because this RepubliCon maniac is capable of ANYTHING.

Then I saw this story.

Pollster Nik Nanos says the latest result is the prime minister's highest leadership ranking since the research firm first started polling on the leadership index in February 2008

And I felt dizzy, and sick to my stomach that so many Canadians are so easily fooled, so easily bought, so eager to debase themselves and their country. What mouth breathing morons. What ghastly traitors who would allow him to turn their country into AMERIKA. 

Then just when I was ready to give in to despair, I saw this story. 

And I was filled with hope again. Because the youth of Canada is mobilizing. And if we can get enough of those missing millions to vote, we can still defeat the monster, and drag our country out of his foul darkness and into the light again.

And when I saw this video I'm not ashamed to say that I had tears in my eyes.

Because I'm with Jane and all the other decent Canadians, young and old, who want to make our young and awesome country clean again. Who are soooooo tired of wallowing in the filth of the Harper regime. And are so desperate for a new beginning. 

The Cons know that most young people don't support them. That's why they are trying to strangle the student vote.

But that will only motivate young people even more to fight for that new beginning.

So as several hundred students at McGill University said today...

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