Thursday, April 07, 2011

Which Issue Can Hurt the Cons the Most?

The one Jack Layton was talking about today.

And the one Michael Ignatieff should also be talking about. But isn't.

Polls show that health care is competing neck-and-neck with jobs and the economy as Canadians’ most pressing public-policy concern.

And conveniently for the Liberal Leader, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives appear to want very little to do with the issue, having spent most of their time in office avoiding it.

Because there is no more important issue. The buzzards are already circling.

More controversially, in his comments at the C.D. Howe luncheon attended by institute members and key figures in Canada’s health-care community, Mr. Dodge also mentioned the unmentionables of health care. These options include imposing some form of co-payment by individuals for the health- care services that are currently paid by the provinces. Another would de-list services that would then have to be paid by consumers or private insurance suppliers.

A final option would be “development of a privately funded system to provide better quality care for those willing to pay for it.”

And there is no better weapon with which to clobber the Cons.

For one thing Stephen Harper spent YEARS trying to privatize it or destroy it.

And now it's fair to ask him is he a Canadian or a teabagger?

After months of sparring with the Obama administration, Republicans in Congress pitched a budget-slashing scheme this week that relies heavily on deep cuts to two sacred cows of the U.S. welfare state – Medicare for the elderly and Medicaid for the poor.

Because those Republican swine are proposing to cut taxes, and destroy medicare.

And could anyone trust a man with a record like Harper has, not to do the same?

I don't think so. I think we can use this issue to DESTROY him.  

Oh yeah. One more thing. When those circling buzzards claim we can't afford medicare, tell them to buzz off. Or fly back to Amerika.

Because this is Canada eh? And we can. EASILY.

If we can keep the Cons from wasting billions on fancy jets and mega prisons. Or get our priorities right.

Medicare is our sacred trust and our mightiest weapon. Michael Ignatieff are you listening?

Use it or lose it...

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  1. Harper isn't a teabagger or a Canadian, Simon; he's a traitor to OUR country, pure and simple. He betrays everything that's good and decent about Canada. He's a warmonger where Canadians are proud and innovative peacekeepers. He's a homophobe, cynical bigot and a woman-hater where we Canadians are, on the whole, tolerant, accepting and progressive. He's a "law and order" fraud, liar, and a criminal amongst a people who believe in honesty, justice and good government. He's a delusional Christian Dominonist bent on importing a narrow, fundamentalist theocracy from the US, a man who has allowed war crimes to be committed in our good name, a man who smugly abandons Canadian citizens overseas, an authoritarian who's not above literally busting heads of those who dare disagree with him, and a lying, corporatist shill who'd be more than happy to break up and ruin Canada if it means he can indulge his Napoleonic fantasies at any cost. In short, Stephen Harper is a domestic enemy of this country and it's citizens, and he must be dealt with as such.


  2. hi ThinkingManNeil...beautifully written. I couldn't have said it better myself. But I will next time...because I've copied you words. ;)
    Seriously're right. I agree with every word. Who could ever have imagined that you could say that about a Prime Minister and be right on every count? When I hear Harper bellowing for a majority I have to pinch myself to make sure it isn't just a bad dream. I ask myself how could this happen? And the answer is as depressing as the situation itself...