Thursday, April 07, 2011

Bruce Carson: Harper's Guy in Afghanistan?

Holy Gunga Ding Dong. You have to give the Con mob credit. Who but Harper's boys could come up with a fresh scandal every day?

Like this one.

Bruce Carson was the Prime Minister’s point man on Canada’s mission in Afghanistan and was provided sensitive information about the military mission despite his criminal record, the Star has learned.

“He was the point of contact . . . He was Harper’s guy,” the source said.

Can you believe that? No wonder we lost the war eh?

But what will our faithful allies think?

News of the added criminal charges are raising red flags among those involved in the Afghanistan file, as they question how a man with such a past could have obtained the security clearances needed to participate in the calls — and gain access to their secrets.

Those on the call typically required a “top secret” clearance since the sensitive information being discussed involved not only Canada’s military but also those of other nations too.

Now they won't tell us ANYTHING.

Oh well. Look at it on the bright side. Try to forget about all the dead people, or all the tortured ones, or all the lies, or even how the former escort feels violated.

Although that's difficult.

Just think of it as an excellent way to link one sordid scandal with another.

In the middle of an election campaign.

And then I think you'll agree with me,  these Con scandals are gifts that keep on giving.

And of course.

Oh. Oh. Oh.

Oh it's a lovely war...

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  1. Anonymous12:50 PM

    I'd like to know more about Carson's involvement with Afghan officials. It is common knowledge that Afghan government is riddled with corruption. If someone like Carson, who has demonstrated that he can cross ethical boundaries, was in contact with Afghan corruption, was he ever tempted by offers that might be "inappropriate"?

    Legitimate questions. This is why we vet people who are in our government.

  2. It is likely that this criminal knows more about the detainee documents then the rest of the Canadian citizenry.

    Carson has been involved in: Clean Water for First Nations, Oil sands PR, F35 Jets, and Afghan Files. Keeps getting better or worse, take your pick