Friday, April 15, 2011

The Revenge of Helena Guergis

It was always a sordid story. The way the Cons went after Helena Guergis because of what her husband did, and these unsubstantiated allegations.

Hamilton raised allegations of "Jaffer and Guergis on tape, partying with hookers and doing cocaine" and that "not only does Helena tolerate Jaffer hanging out with, with escorts, and prostitutes, but there's apparently video of her snorting cocaine off the breasts of a prostitute."

Just because Big Daddy Harper believes that fallen women must be punished and humiliated. But not fallen men.

So I'm glad to see that Guergis is getting her revenge, and exposing him as a miserable misogynist.

Helena Guergis says her gender was a big reason Stephen Harper dumped her from cabinet over unproven allegations of extortion, fraud and involvement with prostitutes.

Guergis accused the Conservative leader of a double standard, saying he treated her differently than he would a male member of his caucus.

“I have never claimed to be perfect, but I know I have done nothing to deserve this catastrophic treatment from the Prime Minister’s Office,” Guergis told Star columnist Tim Harper.

How ironic eh? Helena Guergis gets to be the champion of women's rights in this campaign. Because nobody else is talking about them.

And the only hooker former ringleader of the violent prostitution ring was the one at Harper's party.

Golly. Now that's a Con soap opera eh?  Hot AND horrifying.

And look the best is still to come !!

Guergis is holding a news conference about the issue at 11 a.m. Friday.

Oh boy. I wouldn't miss that one for ANYTHING.

Stephen Harper really needs to be asked why he hates women sooooooo much.

And I LOVE stories with happy endings....

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Ken Symes said...

Great work! Enjoyable post.

I had a go at writing about Guergis and Harper too, but I had to throw in Rick Mercer because I don't have the same talent with humour as you do. Well done!

Helena Guergis deserves better, Mr. Harper

Simon said...

hi Ken...thanks, I'm glad you liked that post. And I liked yours too. I don't usually feel sorry for Conservatives, but I do feel bad about the way Harper treated Guergis. While his Senate friends who are accused of corrupting our electoral process are free to work on his campaign.
BTW...I'm not a believer myself, but decent real Christians like you...and my Mum...are always welcome here... :)