Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Heart of Darkness

I'm glad to see that a lot of Canadians are finally beginning to understand the sinister nature of the Harper Regime. But I wonder how many have looked into its heart of darkness. And realize who we are really fighting.

I could say it myself, but I have, over and over again for the last six years. So tonight I thought I'd just ask some questions, and let those who read them reach their own conclusions.

(1) In the case of these two Canadians given the bum's rush at a Con rally. Who read Awish Aslam's Facebook page? And how did they link a bumper sticker on his car to Ali Aref Hamadi?

The case of Ms. Aslam isn’t the only example. Organizers of the same Harper rally in London reportedly asked Ali Aref Hamadi to leave the Four Points Sheraton because he had an NDP bumper sticker on his vehicle that read: “Don’t blame me, I voted NDP.”

Were the Cons standing there in the parking lot, and follow Hamadi into the building? Or did they run the license plate through a police computer?

(2) How did they know that Joanna MacDonald had attended an environmental conference in Mexico?

And who decided that was a crime? The Cons or the police?

(3) Does anybody think the RCMP's apology is satisfactory? When it doesn't answer any of the above questions. Was it just incompetence? Or are they trying to influence the election like they did before?

On Dec. 23, 2005, a month before the vote that brought Harper to power, Zaccardelli faxed a letter to New Democratic Party lawmaker Judy Wasylycia-Leis, disclosing plans to investigate allegations that a major policy decision on dividend taxes had been leaked to investors. Wasylycia-Leis shared the letter with journalists. Within a week, the Liberal Party government lost its lead to Harper’s Conservative Party in opinion polls.

(4) Does anyone really understand how much information the Cons are gathering on Canadians, with their monstrous database known as CIMS? Like Michael Watkins does, because he once used it.

CIMS will have evolved much further since then. Twitter and Facebook didn't then exist. Application program interfaces to these public warehouses of personal information make it possible for the developers of CIMS to extend the application by automatically retrieving data from these sources and others. Have the developers done this? I don't know, but if I were working on the application it is what I would do - and more.

In Harper's tightly scripted bubble world, there is no doubt that they would use CIMS as one of their tools to filter out "undesirables".

Will they use it to filter out "undesirables" before and AFTER a majority?

(5) If the SoCon thug Guy Giorno is running Harper's campaign. What kind of  operatives do you think he has gathered around him in the inner sanctum of the Con War Room? And who is really running this horror show?

Here's a hint. They are ruthless fanatics, with the pinched faces and the dead eyes of their Lord and Master. They want to put women in their place, exterminate gay rights, change this country into an evil vengeful place.

And like their fellow conspirators in the United States they are praying for VICTORY...

On May 5th will Stephen Harper's Cons be screaming at their God, or thanking him for their majority?

Who knows eh? But this I believe to be true. Unless we can shine a light into Stephen Harper's heart of darkness, we won't know who we are fighting. Canadians won't understand the danger.

And we could wake up very soon in a country we don't recognize...

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Colette said...

That prayer video is the scariest thing I've ever seen - hard to believe people have regressed so much towards primal fear. Haven't our brains evolved beyond that yet?
One reality that truly does frighten me is the possibility of a Harper majority.
Keep up the good work - I will share as much as possible!

Simon said...

hi Colette...yes it was pretty creepy eh? I may have to steal some on those scary clouds for my video on the Coming of the Harpo. ;)
But yes a Harper majority would be a nightmare, and we must all work hard to make sure that NEVER happens...