Monday, April 18, 2011

Why the Cons Can't Win on Medicare

OMG. Quick. Somebody get a kleenex or a mop. The Cons are bawling like crybabies. WAAAAAAH !!!!.

Can you believe that? From the masters of the Big Lie, and the ones who brought sleazy attack ads to Canada. Although I can see why they're worried.

Mummy, Mummy....I mean Big Daddy, Big Daddy...I'm so scwared.

Gawd. I'm glad the Liberals are refusing to be intimidated by those Republicon thugs. By pointing out these inconvenient facts:

In his 2002 Canadian Alliance Leadership campaign website, Harper wanted to “overhaul” the Act:

Harper also believes that our health care will continue to deteriorate unless Ottawa overhauls the Canada Health Act to allow the provinces to experiment with market reforms and private health care delivery options. He is prepared to take tough positions including experimenting with private delivery in the public system.”

But if they need any more ammunition, how about loading up the cannon with some of these?

(1) We really need to hammer home the message that for years Great Reform Leader headed the National Citizens Coalition, a right-wing group that was founded to KILL medicare.

And if in fact David Somerville made the controversial comment when he was President of the NCC, since Harper was his Vice President, didn't he agree with him?Huh?

(2) In five years in power the Cons did NOTHING to help strengthen our medicare system. Or even defend it when it was attacked by the anti-medicare lobby in the U.S.

Remember her?

You know... the one who claimed she had a brain tumour, but it turns out was actually a benign tumour on her pituitary. The one whose ad was brought to you by this fraudster.

But of course, why would the Cons defend our medicare system? When if they got a majority they would do exactly what their teabagger cousins are doing as we speak. Trying to gut medicare and medicaide.

(3) When the Canadian Medical Association held its annual meeting in August, Stephen Harper ordered our pathetic excuse for a Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq not to attend.

The PMO’s decision to keep the minister away from the CMA general council is powerfully symbolic. It should send a shiver down the spine of everyone who cares about the future of health care.

And what was Aglukkaq's excuse? She was too busy eh?

Instead of engaging in dialogue with Canada’s doctors, she was watching Prime Minister Stephen Harper announce funding for upgrades to the airport in Churchill, Man.

Oink. Oink. Now THAT'S a Con Health Minister !!!!

(4) If you are going to battle the Cons on health care, it's probably a very good idea to hear from those who know our wonderful medicare system the BEST. Like this great group of Canadians.

Who can dispel all the myths promoted by right-wing groups, and suggest ways to make OUR medicare even better.

The best news? The Cons wouldn't be entering this minefield if they weren't shitting in their crybaby diapers. They are the ones who are DESPERATE. They would rather this election was all about the economy. But now it's all about medicare.

They're screwed if they don't respond to the Liberal ads. And they're screwed if they do. Because it will only make more Canadians wonder whether they can trust Harper. When he lies about EVERYTHING.

Golly. Isn't that a catch 22?

And don't you just love all those facts, and this conclusion?

It could be argued that Harper has stayed in politics to ensure a single legacy: it will be he who goes down in Canadian history as the Man who Killed Medicare.

Oh no. Wouldn't it be ironic if Medicare killed the Cons?

Trust me, it will. That's why I have been hammering the Cons on that issue from the day the campaign began. And for about five years before that.

Yup. We've got all the ammunition we need to take them down. And more.

Now hit them, hit them, hit them.

Hit them where it HURTS...

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