Friday, April 08, 2011

Jimbo Flaherty and the Magic Christians

OK. Don't blame me eh? I TOLD you little Jimbo Flaherty couldn't count. Now look what he's done.

The Conservatives are planning billions of dollars worth of spending cuts in a campaign pledge to eliminate the deficit a year ahead of schedule and deliver a $6.6 billion platform of tax cuts and modest investments.

Can you believe that? They just added BILLIONS to the biggest deficit in Canadian history. They won't tell us how much their fancy jet planes or their mega prisons REALLY cost. Their tax cuts and tax dodges could KILL medicare. 

As with income splitting, the new limit for shielding assets in TFSAs will erode the income the federal government has to pay for programs, including the billions of dollars now transferred to provinces to cover the cost of health care.

One thing I'm fairly sure of is that if we want to prove that our public health care system is unaffordable, one way to do that is to reduce the amount available to pay the bill.

But still they expect us to believe that they can bring their massive deficit under control.... a year ahead of schedule?

With a Strategic Review that doesn't exist.

And only a little minor surgery...

Gawd. They must think Canadians are IDIOTS.

There will be so much blood on the floor you'll be able to swim from Ottawa to Saskatchewan.

But don't you love this?

“It’s going to feel like, I hope, a smaller government,” said Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, who is running for re-election in Whitby.

I bet he does. Because for a nasty little Con gnome like Jimbo, even the smallest government is too BIG.

Just like when he was working for Mike Harris's thug regime, and they cut social services so much, so many poor people were dying in the streets...

Jimbo wanted to JAIL them.

So how is this creepy gnome going to find the money to keep Canada from going broke?

My guess is he's going to contact his good friend, the Christianist homophobe Charles McVety, who was his special VIP guest in Parliament the day he brought down his first budget.

And ask him to recruit some of his Magic Christians.

To pray us to PROSPERITY...

Oh yeah. If Jimbo Flaherty tells you he knows what he is doing, just tell him to go count suck his toes.

You know I made this video about him two years ago. But the Cons are still the Cons.

And Jimbo is still Jimbo...

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