Saturday, May 28, 2016

The Day Rona Ambrose Called Justin Trudeau a Woman

It was a bizarre apparition. At the Con convention yesterday during a discussion on how to modernize the Harper Party, MP Marilyn Gladu came out dressed as the Grim Reaper. 

In what was apparently an attempt to make fun of the idea that the Cons are doomed after losing the last election.

But as it turns out maybe Gladu did choose the right costume. And the right words.

Because today the loser party will discuss same-sex marriage.

And it could help fracture the Con's rabid bigot base. 

Conservative delegates are headed for a divisive and heated debate Saturday that will determine whether the party still believes marriage is the union of one man and one woman or whether it supports same-sex marriage.

Or so says the ghastly theocon Brad Trost...

“I was told that the purpose of this resolution was to get people like me out of the party and that they were coming for my nomination later on,” he said. “This [motion] is very divisive. It will drive people out of our party.” 

He was joined by other delegates at the microphone who urged the party not to abandon social conservatives and warned that if same-sex marriage became Conservative party policy, a large block of volunteers and donors would vanish.

And while I would welcome wildly celebrate the destruction of the Con base Stephen Harper counted on to keep him in power for so many years...

You really have to wonder what kind of party would tear itself apart over an issue like same-sex marriage which has been legal in this country for almost eleven years?

And only celebrates the power of human love and equality, and doesn't hurt anyone.

But then how can you also not wonder what kind of party would have a leader like Rona Ambrose? 

Who would make a "joke" about Justin Trudeau as Canada's first female Prime Minister.

In a country where her Cons and other Trudeau haters are always trying to put him down by suggesting he's not a "real" man.

As only they could.

And in her sneaky way, Ambrose also goes after his wife Sophie.

Interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose is praising the quiet style of her friend Laureen Harper, saying she preferred to work for the cause instead of the cameras.

In a speech to the Tory convention in Vancouver, Ambrose never mentions Sophie Gregoire Trudeau by name, but her tribute to the spouse of former prime minister Stephen Harper was seen as a thinly veiled critique of the high-profile wife of current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

As only she could. 

And really what more can you say? Except thank goodness for Justin. A better and prouder feminist than Rona Ambrose will ever be.

The most powerful ally and best friend gay people in this country have ever had...

And the Prime Minister of ALL Canadians.

And as for the Cons, all I can say is that the Grim Reaper really is coming for them. For most young Canadians will NEVER vote for a party like that one.

So they are doomed to remain the same old party of misogynists, and bigots.

And I can only imagine how their rabid religious base is preparing for today's vote on same-sex marriage...

Because that's one of the best things about being gay eh? You can drive Cons CRAAAAAZY by just being yourself.

But yes, please, let's use all of the above to motivate us to fight the Hate Party harder than ever.

And call on the Grim Reaper to help bury them forever...

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  1. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Don't know why people play this game of pitting one PM spouse against another. Personal attacks on any spouse is very distasteful, in my opinion. They all make personal sacrifices with no pay and little recognition. Rona should grow up.


    1. hi TS...Rona Ambrose is not the nice person the Con media would have us believe. She is a heartless ideologue, and has a nasty vindictive streak like her former master Stephen Harper. Bashing the Trudeau family is a favourite Con sport, and Rona wants to lead by example...

  2. Anonymous8:06 AM

    The part where Rawna says Laureen quietly supported causes was quite funny. Great if you were a cat...... Not so great for the missing and murdered women in Canada. That Rawna has the typical jealous school girl personally. Just because Sophie is smarter and prettier than Rawna, she has to rear that big head and back stab Sophie. Priceless CON crap. To think that the CON party have to actually debate same sex marriage goes to show how pathetic they are!!!!! FS

    1. Hi FS....yes, the furry felines are indeed in her debt, and the chinchillas. But Sophie is more human, and has already done more for people, especially girls and young women, than Laureen ever did. And yes, seeing the Cons making a big deal over same-sex marriage eleven years after the fact real is unbelievable....

  3. how dares she, in the torrent of her own praise of women, how dares she compare a man to a woman as if being a woman is small, worthless, incompetent, a joke, a mistake, perhaps!!?? how dares she meddle in the public thing when personal is all she can be? how dares she walk on that stage naked like that?

    1. Anonymous11:46 AM

      I am a man. I am a father, grandfather, husband, and brother.

      Some days my gender embarrasses me. I was raised and socialized by women and I am forever grateful for that. Without the influence of great women, I would never have become the person I am today.

      I think that for me the greatest compliment would be called a woman. In almost every way women are a superior evolution over males of the species.

      I love and respect women in every way.

    2. thank you for being a beautiful human being. that explains why you'd understand this as a compliment... and, knowing that our prime minister is JT, he'll probably take it exactly the same way.

      i admit, i wept this morning - this was a betrayal of women by a woman in power, standing on a stage, speaking words into the media, of women and men, to women and men, like she knows something. i am appalled at her irresponsible use of language!

      but now i'm glad because it made me notice MANY actual and real men and women today who deserve the same medal. in relation to those people, it is clear that rona ambrose is the coachroach alien from black men two - remotely resembling a human but... NAH, it is a an alien coachroach....

      i submit, that those were political elbows that rawna (thanks, anonymous) used - shall we call it rawNAHgate?

      cheers :)

    3. Hi Luce...yes it really was mind-blowing to see a woman try to insult a man by calling him a woman. It's nothing but subliminal misogyny. I wouldn't be in the slightest bit upset if some bigot called me a woman. I'd tell the fool we're all half female, thank goodness. So what is the problem?

    4. hi anonymous 11:46am...Nice. I feel the same way you do. I too was raised by good strong women, who shaped my view of the world, and made me a better person. And I also believe that what this world needs is more women in positions of power, because if we leave it up to men they'll destroy the world...

  4. ... and what the fuck is up with that little evil little laugh of rona snakerose?
    that really creeped me out

  5. ... and what the fuck is up with that little outfit? I can't decide if she looks like a high-end call girl, a drag queen or is paying some sort of homage to the late Prince! Not that there's anything wrong with those three things. lol

    1. hi, now don't be too cruel. She could have been dressed all in black leather as she likes to do. And I was transfixed by the sight of her Con blue stiletto shoes. First I thought of Dorothy's red slippers, and then I thought of the Wicked Witch of the West. Next time I think she should fly down from the ceiling... ;)

  6. That video is perfect! Thanks for the laugh!

    1. hi Just're welcome, I too found it both horrifying and hilarious....

  7. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Was that Pierre Polievre break dancing?

    1. hi anon...I don't know, but I have a video of a young Con doing a rap tribute to the Con candidates, and it's so absolutely horrible I hesitate to run it. But then it does show what kind of young people the Cons attract, so maybe I will run it... ;)

  8. Awww, are the precious Heathers upset......there there Rhona*rolls eyes*

    1. hi Scotian...I had to watch the tape a few times, to decide whether Ambrose had said it on purpose, or as usual didn't know what she was saying. But the way she stealthily knifed Sophie, convinced me she does have a nasty streak, so she did mean it. And she should be ashamed of herself...

  9. What does that say about Tory former senator Patrick Brazeau who got pummeled by a "not real" man in a real boxing match?

    Or Harper for that matter who got the similar treatment from the same "not real" man in Oct?

    1. hi Dan....I know, it makes no sense. But ever since Trudeau entered politics the Cons tried to portray him as weak and effeminate, it was bullying at its worst, and it really disgusted me. As a guy I had to control my violent impulses, or desire to beat up bullies, by studying martial arts for years. The only real men for me are those who are both strong and gentle There are too many male beasts out there, and we need them like we need a hole in the head...