Saturday, May 07, 2016

The Muslim Mayor Of London and the Return of Lynton Crosby

His name is Sadiq Khan, he's just made history, and struck a big blow for decency over bigotry.

By being elected as the first Muslim mayor of London.

Sadiq Khan has been elected mayor of London, reclaiming the post for Labour after eight years of Conservative rule and becoming the first Muslim mayor of a major western capital. 

Khan took 1,310,143 votes (57%) after second preferences were taken into account, beating Conservative Zac Goldsmith into second place on 994,614 (43%). His tally gave him the largest personal mandate of any politician in UK history.

Even though his opponent, the loathsome Con Zac Goldsmith, used every dirty trick in the book against him.

The 45-year-old son of a Pakistani bus driver beat Zac Goldsmith at the end of a sometimes bitter campaign during which the Conservatives accused Khan of being “dangerous” and “pandering to extremists”. Labour complained that Goldsmith’s campaign was Islamophobic.

By running such a filthy campaign it even sickened many Conservatives.

Even before the result was announced, Conservatives turned on Goldsmith’s campaign. Lady Warsi, a former chairman of the Conservative party, described it as an “appalling dog-whistle campaign” and said it “lost us the election, our reputation and credibility on issues of race and religion”.

And who do you think ran Goldsmith's "dog-whistle" campaign?

Nobody less than the Aussie attack dog dingo Lynton Crosby..

Conservative election strategist Lynton Crosby has been knighted for his service to politics – almost a year to the day since he helped the party secure a shock victory at the General Election. 

It comes as Zac Goldsmith’s Conservative campaign for mayor of London – run by Mr Crosby’s communications firm CTF Comms – faces intense criticism for its negative campaigning and attempt to link Muslim rival Sadiq Khan's to Islamist extremists.

You know, Linty, Stephen Harper's little friend...

Who helped make the Con campaign the filthiest and most bigoted campaign in Canadian history.

And plunged us into the depths of depravity...

And into the bowels of barbarism.

Only to fail miserably...

And even if Linty did get knighted for servicing David "Piggy" Cameron in the same filthy manner..

I can only imagine how he must have been feeling.

And after the roll he's been on who can blame him?

But at least now I think we can definitively declare that both Stephen Harper AND Lynton Crosby are both bigots and LOSERS...

And that birds of a feather do belong together.

Congratulations to Sadiq Khan and the good people of London.

For sending out a message of tolerance and diversity.

And their massive victory over ignorance and bigotry...

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Anonymous said...

And then kids... that's the day England became a muslim country.

Marmalade said...

Never ceases to amaze me from one day to another......

Anonymous said...

Hi Simon. I found his story delicious. Two race-baiting campaigns in a row that back-fired. I read that even Benny Netanyahoo apologized after the election he won for the big Crosby-inspired lie that Arabs were voting in droves. Hope he's finished. So disappointing the Queen knighted the bigot.
Happy Sunday, Laurie