Saturday, May 07, 2016

The Ghastly Con Cheryl Gallant Embarrasses Herself Again

OMG. What are we going to do with the monstrous Con Cheryl Gallant? She just keeps embarrassing herself.

Two months ago she used the memory of the murdered soldier Cpl. Nathan Cirillo to peddle her giant Easter hams at a fundraising event.

Two weeks ago she accused the Liberals of killing our soldiers in Afghanistan by selling off our Chinook helicopters. When it was actually the Mulroney government who sold the helicopters.

And now she's done it again.

Now she's accusing the left-leaning and very respectable Rideau Institute of having ties to Russia, Iran and North Korea. 

Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant is accusing the foreign policy think tank Rideau Institute of having ties to Russia, Iran and North Korea because a drop-down menu on the institute’s donation page allows users to select those countries as a place of origin.

On the basis of a drop-down menu on their website.

When I go to your donation page and I see the different places from which an individual can donate, among them are like Russia, Iran, and North Korea, so I really have to question whether the Rideau Institute is looking after Canada’s best interests.”

Only to have it revealed that her own site has, or had, the same kind of drop-down menu. 

Although it currently looks to be down for maintenance, a cached copy of the Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke Conservative Association's website shows that up until at least March 8th of this year, Gallant's own riding association also allowed prospective donors to select literally any country in the world as their address – including Russia, Iran and North Korea.

Which has the good Canadians at Press Progress asking the obvious question:

What does all of this mean? There seem to be only two possibilities on the table, both equally frightening: 

(a) It doesn't mean anything because it's a generic drop-down menu that appears by default on many websites; 

(b) An Ottawa Valley Conservative riding association could be in cahoots with Pyongyang. 

And of course has me asking two other obvious questions:

Why is Gallant the vice-chair of the defence committee?

And when will that ghastly Con be fired?

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Anonymous said...

It just never ends with her. Does Rona allow this or does Cheryl just go for it when she thinks she can embarrass the Liberals?
What I find is more of an embarrassment is that as the vice-chair of the defence committee, you'd think she'd be well versed on our defences. Apparently not after this exchange:

Cheryl Gallant: “How important is it that Canada operates its fifth-generation stealth fighter as part of our commitment to NORAD?”

Lt.-Gen. Michael Hood: “Well, we don’t have a fifth-generation stealth fighter. I’ve talked about interoperability and the complexity moving forward. I think when we look at the statement of requirements for the replacement of the F-18, one of the considerations is its ability to be interoperable with our key allies—and that’s most specifically, in the defence of Canada, the U.S. Air Force, as I pointed out in my comments.”
I love the giant ham Simon. I have no doubts we'll be seeing it again.

Simon said...

hi JD...I'm beginning to wonder whether Ambrose has lost control of her own caucus, for despite her claims that they are new and different they don't seem to me to have changed a bit. And Gallant is as dumb and as bestial as ever. And yes, I am rather fond of that giant ham myself, it is a recurring theme, and though I may change the background and add Mr Mustard, I intend to have it pursue Gallant all the way to the next election... ;)

The Mound of Sound said...

They got Palin. We got Gallant. I'm starting to think the Americans got first choice.

e.a..f. said...

"They got Palin. We got Gallant" Mound of sound said it all. thanks for the laugh and comparison.

David said...

How in God's name (yes, I believe in God) is it possible that folks such as Cheryl Gallant keep getting re-elected??? Yes, God must have a goofy sense of humour. 8-D

David said...

Anonymous said...

Delightful! And way back in 1993!