Thursday, May 26, 2016

Stephen Harper and the Last Horror Show

They say Stephen Harper's speech to the Con Convention in Vancouver this evening is going to be short and sweet.

A final farewell to the party he created in his own ghastly image.

And that it will be preceded by a lavish video from the Con Ministry of Porky Propaganda and Disinformation, praising him as a Great Leader.

So thank goodness I decided not to attend eh?

Because it could only be a horror show, and I probably would have vomited all over one or more Cons, maybe even Jason Kenney, and caused a frightful scandal.

For I consider Stephen Harper to be the worst leader of the worst government in Canadian history.

An absolute monster who raped this country and its values for almost ten nightmarish years, in every possible way...

And when I read this puff piece, from the Con fluffer John Ivison, praising that grubby little man as a Great Leader. 

There’s every chance Harper entered office thinking Sinai was the plural of sinus. He is leaving convinced that his real legacy is in the realm of foreign policy, where his approach was grounded in realism but stayed true to certain consistent principles.

Or read these words from Allan Gottlieb.

“He reminded me of Pierre Trudeau. You could see his intellect working. He was very at home on policy — very sure-footed. It was an impressive performance and he has the potential to be influential as a world leader,” Gottlieb said at the time.

And read Ivison's conclusion:

The jury remains hung on whether Harper fulfilled that potential. But he showed disciplined leadership during a decade of financial and geopolitical crisis. History will be kinder to him on that score than are his contemporaries.

I have to wonder what country they've been living in for the last  ten years... 

For it obviously wasn't that monstrous Harperland, where decent people were bullied, or muzzled, where democracy withered on the vine, and hope went to die.

And when I read the headline to Ivison's story:

Harper didn’t want to rule from beyond the political grave — and now he can cement his legacy.

All I can think of is WHAT legacy?

And what did the headline writer mean by CEMENTING that legacy?

For that's all that Boss Harper and his Con regime ever were; an alien mob of political thugs who hijacked this country, and disgraced us beyond recognition in the eyes of the world.

That's how history will judge him and them. We'll make sure of that.

And anyone who thinks differently is either out of his or her mind, an idiot, a Con, or a grovelling stooge.

But the good news is that we did STOP him and his gang. 

We have a much better and more Canadian leader...

And this evening's speech may be the last time most of us will ever hear from the Oily Messiah again.

And won't that be a blessing?

And the only thing I really regret about not attending the Con convention is that if I had been there I might have been able to sneak into the control room, and swapped the PMO's tribute video for another one.

The one I made to celebrate our Harper-Free New Year...

Now wouldn't that have been a scandal?

And The Truth.

He was a hideous hog.

Whatever the Con stooges say, his name will live in infamy.

And in a few hours, this last crazed horror show will finally be over...

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Anonymous said...

Ivison will get a nice little pat on the head from Paul Godfrey for his manure laced piece. The thought of anyone praising him is nauseating at best.
They can put all the makeup they want on this tired old pig but he will still be the biggest POS that ever ran this country.
Good riddance!

the salamander said...

.. Any Harper 'Legacy' article that fails to include Election Fraud in 240 ridings and subsequent obstruction to investigation & denial.. or the obliteration of environmental legislation protecting Canadian waters & protection of species habitat must be looked at with extreme suspicion or as complete fiction... and there's more.. much more ..

Anonymous said...

David Climenhaga writes:

"On April 21, Justice Charles Vaillancourt ruled that the Senator didn’t jump but was pushed, and found him not guilty of all the charges he faced. A week ago, the RCMP announced it would not press charges against Sen. Pamela Wallin, another Conservative Senator whose case may have been discussed in the PMO. And on Tuesday came the word from the Ontario Crowns’ office that there would be no appeal of the Duffy case. On Wednesday, Mr. Harper pulled the plug.

There’s nothing to see here folks. Move along, please."

I suppose it would be veering into conspiracy territory to think that the Ontario Crown's decision on the eve of the CPC Policy Convention was just coincidence?!

Anonymous said...

The announcement that the former Coward-in-Chief is in my part of the world sent me scurrying to my refrigerator, Simon. The only problem is that all my eggs and tomatoes haven't gone rotten.

mr. perfect

Anonymous said...

Simon your headline made my day!!!!! You are so right...."The Hideous Hog is Gone"!!!!! I shall be celebrating with my friend Mary Jane on this one tonight. You are welcome to drop by and join us. FS

Anonymous said...

don't forget the book burning. Lots of source links here

Simon said...

hi JD...yes, I'm sure he will and it should make Michael Den Tandt and Andrew Coyne incredible jealous. Expect both of them to come out blazing today to try to outdo Ivison in the ass kissing department. It really is pathetic how the Con media collaborated so willingly when Harper was in power, and are still trying so hard to convince us that he was a great leader, when he was in fact the worst leader this country has ever known...

Simon said...

Hi salamander....I wanted to include a partial list of all of Harper's crimes against Canads, but even a partial list was too long to fit in the space available. But like you and many others in this country I will never forget how horrible it was to live in that monstrous Harperland. Some Canadians will no doubt forget as time moves on, but I never will. And will do all I can to make sure his legacy haunts him for the rest of his days....

Simon said...

Hi anon 5:08....yes the book burning was yet another crime. And I will never forget the sight of all those scientific documents lying scattered in a dumpster. Canadians are a forgiving lot, but nobody should ever forget that....

Simon said...

Hi David....I don't know if it was just a coincidence, but it does seem too good to be true that Stephen Harper would make his announcement so soon after he could be sure that he wouldn't be called to be a witness, and have to testify under oath. The whole thing stinks...

Simon said...

Hi Mr Perfect....good one. I just wish the Cons could be paraded though the streets of Ottawa while being pelted with turnips and cabbages. Eggs and tomatoes seem so inadequate... ;)

Simon said...

Hi FS....well technically he'll only be gone, the day he resigns his seat. But it's OK to start the party know because after ten nightmare years it's only right that it should continue for at least four or five months... :)

jrkrideau said...

Soudas remains loyal to the man who plucked him from obscurity

Eh? Isn't this the man who made a wild dash to the Liberals not too long ago?

Isn't this a bit like Benedict Arnold saying that he was loyal to King George after joining the Continental Army and then saying that he was loyal to George Washington after trying to surrender West Point to the British?



Except for his maternal health initiative (which did not include abortions, of course) I am hard pressed to think of any foreign policy initiative of Harper's that was not wrong-headed and usually a disaster.

I believe his consistent principles boiled down to “If I can do something really dumb, I'll do it”.

What is Ivison smoking?