Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Office of Religious Freedom is Finally Buried

Well it took a while, and as you can see the Cons weren't happy about it.

But the Trudeau government has finally buried the so-called Office of Religious Freedom.

And replaced with a new Office of Human Rights.

Justin Trudeau's Liberal government has replaced the Office of Religious Freedom created by the previous Conservative government with an office focused more broadly on human rights.

For all the right reasons.

"The struggle for religious freedom is, at its heart, a struggle for the universal and inseparable freedoms Canadians cherish," the release from Global Affairs Canada said. 

"Promoting acceptance and protecting the differences that make each and every one of us so unique cannot be divided into separate, but equal, efforts," the release said.

For the Office of Religious Freedom was never about religious rights or human rights. 

It was a creation of the foul tyrant Jesus Harper...

Who never saw a human right he didn't try to violate. And it was just a way to pleasure his rabid religious base.

As Brian Jean the leader of the Wildhog Party made only too clear with this last minute appeal. 

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean and MLA Scott Cyr have written a letter to the federal Liberals urging them to keep the Office of Religious Freedom open.

"The office has annual funding of $5 million, a smart and strategic investment in protecting and defending this most fundamental of rights and freedoms," the letter states.

Even though it was a total waste of money, and the Wildhog Party is no bastion of human rights. 

Terrence Lo, the former Wildrose vice-president for Calgary-Glenmore who resigned last fall over concerns the party was controlled by an “angry, bigoted” cabal opposed to gay rights, now plans to run as a candidate for the Alberta party in the same constituency. 

“I departed Wildrose over the human rights thing and they still haven’t really corrected it,” Lo said Wednesday.

And whatever Jason Kenney might have said about the unholy office's closure...

And the Liberal's hidden agenda.

He too is a bigoted Con hog....

How a low life scumbag like Kenney can call himself a religious person is something I will never understand. 

But good for the Trudeau government.

Hello democracy.

Bye bye theocracy...

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  1. Good to hear that the Office of Religious Freedom has been closed. Now how about taxing all those bigots who are up in arms about LGBQ people burning in "lakes of fire" and where transgender people should pee.
    Here in Alberta, education property tax money is given to various Christian , Jewish , Islamic sects and, for all I know, Mormon schools who "educate" children in dubious supernatural world views, and other nonsense, while the religious organisations and personnel who run them pay no taxes whatsoever!
    It is crazy that non believers or skeptics or LGBQT people and the rest of us should subsidize any organized bunch of religious believers whatsoever.
    They just berate us and belittle us, some even thinking that the vast majority of us are inferior and destined for eternal suffering.
    Tax all "clubs", be they religious or secular!

    1. hi hinofan...yes that would be a good idea. Like you I don't believe that our tax dollars should be used to subsidize religion in any way. And needless to say giving money to groups that oppress gay people, or fight attempts to help bullied kids, makes me see red. But at least that useless and very political Office of Religious Freedom is gone, and so is another part of Harper's legacy....

  2. Jason Kenney is sounding more ridiculous by the day. He says the liberals closing of this office "is part of a hidden agenda." This from a man whose leader, Harper and his Con serfs, including Kenney, operated 99% of the time in secrecy. Did Harper have a hidden agenda? You bet he did.

    1. hi Pamela...yes that was special wasn't it? One of the masters of the hidden agenda criticizing others of doing the same thing they did for ten years really is the limit. But then Kenney is in an agitated state. He can't decide whether to go for the leadership, and he's terrified that the Red Tories i.e. Dumbo MacKay could seize control of the party, so I wouldn't be surprised if he goes absolutely crazy....

  3. Anonymous4:11 PM

    Now this is good news Simon. Alberta must be so upset!!!!!!!! Whatever shall they do now that they do not have the freedom to push the "fictional guy in the sky" upon everyone else. Who the fart is Brian Jean anyway??? ha ha FS

    1. hi anon...yes, they must be organizing exorcist sessions in rural Alberta to try to pray the Trudeau away. For it was mostly directed at them, it was just a facade, and nobody else will miss it...

  4. The only freedom this office cared about was, their freedom to discriminate.

    1. hi GreazedLitenen...yes it was only aimed at helping certain religious groups, almost all of them Christian. And the way the Harper regime discriminated against Muslims in this country, without a peep from our Religious Ambassador, made it nothing more than a farce....

  5. Anonymous9:35 PM

    They aren't closing it; they are expanding it to cover more issues than just religion, and are tripling its budget to $15 million. Now the question is, will this new agency actually accomplish anything, other than lining the pockets of friends and relatives of the Liberals?

    1. Don't be absurd you idiot Con. Can't you read? We're you homeschooled or what? They are including religious rights in a HUMAN rights department which is fine. For there are religious groups whose human rights are being oppressed. And the problem was that your depraved leader only cared about (some) religious rights and didn't care a damn about human rights. And as for lining the pockets of anyone no government was more corrupt than the Harper regime....

  6. Anonymous12:52 AM

    Glad that this absurdity is in our rear view mirror. Kudos to you Simon, we need to have those ghastly images fall by the wayside, which will require due diligence. Cannot forget what Harper people did to this beautiful country, even though we seem to be headed in the right direction.

    Christianity has nothing to do with con propaganda and hate. When I look at people like Jimmy Carter, I feel disheartened how Harper cons have perverted good works of honest people. One drop of poison in the well...deserves a ton of activated carbon!!


    1. hi TS....I hope that people don't forget what the Cons did to this country, because if we can't get electoral reform passed by the Commons and the Senate they could conceivably be back in power in 2019. But yes, thee are many good and real Christians, as there are good people of other religions. The problem is that they are in most cases outnumbered by the bad ones, who use religion as a weapon to attack others...

  7. Simon. The opposition was attempting to run out the time for voting on a bill which the Trudeau govt was pushing through. Without Democratic debate. Kind of like the Harper govt did for the last decade. That was democracy in action. I can't believe you missed that.