Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Obama Cartoon: When Fear Kills Humour

It's 31 degrees in Toronto and I'm so hot I'm practically melting. So I don't even want to think about all the hot air this cartoon has generated.

I mean really. When Obama has to appear on the Larry Kink Show.

And tells the old whoremaster he hasn't thought about it But it strikes him as an insult against Muslim Americans. You KNOW things are spinning out of control.

Oh yeah.... I know that Chet at the always excellent Vanity Press makes some good points.

And I must say I love the idea of an ironic fart. Is it noisy AND deadly? But the way I see it when there are demons out there, it's better to confront them in the light of day, than let them crawl around in the dark.

So I kind of agree with the grand old pitbull Dr Dawg.

Although I wish he hadn't linked to me to suggest that I'm a satire buster. Not once but the same story.

Because I'm not. And you can only be a martyr ONCE. Woof.

Besides I'm so stoopid I can't even underestimate the intelligence of others, even if I wanted. And I NEVER take myself too seriously.

Like Maureen Dowd suggests Obama does.

Bring it on, Ozone Democrats! Because if Obama gets elected and there is nothing funny about him, it won’t be the economy that’s depressed. It will be the rest of us.

But even though I'm dum, I do know bad satire when I see it. The Obama cartoon sucked.

And so does this one...

It's TOO real.

On the other hand...

This video is simply AWESOME...

Except for the ending.

You know sometimes I can't help but feel that if The Fear that has gripped North America for years hasn't driven us all crazy. It's KILLED our sense of humour.

But Obama as Bambi just might save us.

Although, of course, not all cartoons are funny.

The Obama one wasn't....the McCain one isn't.

And neither is this one...

It's scary.


Hey Hosers. Forget about Obama the terrorist.

The Americans have their demons to fight.

And we have ours.

Fear really does kill EVERYTHING....


Dr.Dawg said...

Sorry about the overkill, Simon. No offence meant. : )

Simon said...

Hi Dr Dawg !! I know you didn't. I was just embarrassed to read my old post.Talk about overkill...ahem..
I can't read a lot of my old posts, most of them actually. The only thing that keeps me going is the faint hope that I can find the fine line between boorish and brilliant !!
Besides since I heard that you were an authority on the founder of the Scottish National Party, as far as I'm concerned, you can do no wrong... :)