Friday, July 11, 2008

Canada Praised for Dr Morgentaler Award

Now that the One Million Dozen Wingnut March on Rideau Hall was such a monumental bust.

And the polls have clearly shown that most Canadians think Dr Morgentaler deserves the Order of Canada.

And the screeching gang of patriarchal supremacists has been humiliated in plain view.... and are howling like banshees because reality hurts.

Isn't it time to take stock of the situation?

And enjoy a little applause?

Never before has a government recognised the work of the pro-choice activists and doctors of the twentieth century in such an official capacity. And in presenting a pro-choice pioneer with an award that celebrates those who have served the whole community, Canada is bravely hinting at the idea that safe, legal abortion has helped society as a whole.

She's wrong about the government of course. If the miserable Cons had anything to do with the process Morgentaler would never have been given the award.

But she's right about the message, and I sure love this part....

Unexpectedly, Canada has now even advanced the way we discuss the right to choose. The Order of Canada is given to those who exemplify the motto Desiderantes meliorem patriam - "They desire a better country". For good reasons, pro-choicers have always framed the abortion debate in terms of personal choice: the right of the individual woman. But what is interesting about Morgentaler's honour is the idea of community contained in the Order of Canada - making the point that fighting for a safe, legal procedure has saved the lives of thousands of Canadian women and provided a service from which all of society has benefited.

....Elevating Morgentaler as a high-profile defender of abortion rights underlines the oft-forgotten facts that the right to choose is not just the concern of women, and that 'feminism' isn't anti-men or unconcerned with men. It shows us instead that women's rights are human rights, and, as such, they affect us all.


Now will the anti-choice flying monkeys please go sulk in a corner...and bite their tails off... quietly.

While the rest of us take a bow.

You know they'll be back for more punishment. And we still need to find out why our idiot MSM made such a mountain out of such a small wingnut hill.

But right now I figure it's time to celebrate.

Someone in Europe thinks we're great again.

Aren't we awesome?

Isn't VICTORY sweet?

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