Monday, July 28, 2008

The Amazing JJ and the Massive New Poll

When I heard that the anti-choice fanatics had produced a poll.... claiming that most Canadians thought that Dr Henry Morgentaler didn't deserve the Order of Canada... I immediately smelled a rat.

One because it contradicted every other poll.

And two because the Lifeshite campaign to get the Order revoked has been such a miserable flop. Their Rideau rally was a bust. And only a handful of people have handed back their OCs....and one of them was a dead nun.

So at first I thought they had diddled with the question....and confused the respondents by talking in tongues.

I mean if YOU picked up the phone and someone on the other end said: "Jesus Beezus blessed blobby wobby redrum Jew Morgentaler Popoola ?" Which button would you press Yes or No?

But then I thought that was TOO ingenious for these flying monkeys. It must be WHO they polled.

The ReformCon Party of Canada supporters in Alberta, a couple of dozen ailing nuns in the convents ...and all the other ones in the cemeteries.

Because let's face it those who can see Jesus....or Satan.... on a utility pole.

An image on a utility pole in Alice is in the middle of a big discussion. Some believe the image is of Jesus or other Biblical figures, some say it looks like Satan.

Are quite capable of hearing a tombstone talk.

But then thanks to the great detective work of ace sleuth JJ at Unrepentant Old Hippie....and some of her friends... the plot was revealed. Forget the Massive New Poll... It's the Massive Old phone SPAM !!!!

OMG. What can I say? Except that JJ deserves a blogging award because I've NEVER seen anything like it. What a TOTAL takeout.

The fetal worshippers and women haters have been made to look like amateurs ... dunces...cheaters. They'll never be able to show their faces in public again. They'll be forced to shuffle around with their pickled fetuses wearing burqas ....or pointy plastic noses to poke into other people's lives or crotches.

Lordy I just hope they've learned their lesson and that they FINALLY understand that Canadians have better things to do than interfere with the reproductive rights of women.

That the battle over the Order of Canada....AND the issue of over. And they LOST.

The Best part? They set out to bring down Morgentaler, and they brought themselves down instead. By showing how marginal and how freeping crazy they are. So nobody has to take them seriously anymore.

And if they still don't understand that.... well you know what they can do with that utility pole...

I don't know if sitting on a pole with an image of Jesus...or Satan..... is a blessed event or blasphemy.

But I'd sure love to watch and find out....


P.S. One thing still troubles me....could any of this have anything to do with the return of Darrel Reid...the wingnut and former president of Focus on the Stephen Harper's Director of Policy and Research.

It's SUCH a coincidence.

Or is it?

What don't we know indeed.

Stay tuned for the next episode of JJ Ace Detective.

This one ain't over yet....


JJ said...

"This one ain't over yet.... "


Great post, Simon! Thanks for picking this up. Every voice is another Google hit for people in the MSM... who we now know are Googling this story feverishly.

Did you listen to the clips from CFRA that buckets posted? HAHAHAHAHAHA! John Counsell, a supporter of CLC, says this is fucked up. Plus...

When he talks about the question that was asked in the poll about "abortionist" H. Morgentaler, he stumbles over the word abortionist and instead says "Doctor". So there's more proof (as if we needed it) that the question itself was skewed -- even one of their supporters didn't want to say it on his show.

Oh, this is far from over... maybe when there's an admission from CLC that the "poll" is CRAP, and they commissioned it because they knew it would deliver the answer they wanted. In other words, they cheated!

Darryl Reid? Who knows how far the rot goes, eh?


Anonymous said...

Get on board with the latest canadian blog:

For the classy side of you.

Simon said...

Hi JJ!!! Hey my pleasure. I meant it when I said I've never seen anything like it. It's absolutely AWESOME piece of blogging journalism and it has silenced them in their tracks. The Big Blue Bigot is now the Big Blushing Bigot. I LOVE IT !!!!
And of course I've been taking full advantage and basking in YOUR well deserved glory. I tell some of my friends who blog ...they are not ALL ignorant...that me and the famous blogger JJ are old friends. And they are VERY impressed. Just like I am... :)

Simon said...

Hi anonymous....The Drunk Canuck?
Which one of the twenty million hoser boozers could that be? Hic.
I checked out your website and found
Keep on chugging...