Thursday, July 17, 2008

Omar Khadr, the Chickenhawk, and Little Canada

The chickenhawk cheerleader Rosie DiManno weighs in on the case of Omar Khadr. And makes an absolute fool of herself. Again.

First she makes fun of a tortured kid.

What would Al-Zawahiri make of a teenager blubbering for pity? A man-child mewling: "Nobody cares about me." ...Omar Khadr, the intermittent Canadian, wants to come hooooooome.

Which is absolutely disgusting. Then she admits he was a 12-year-old boy.

Omar Khadr grew up playing with al-Zawahiri's children, and bin Laden's children. Both men were, according to an Omar sibling, the most gentle of men with their own progeny. But they indoctrinated their youngsters, as did Omar's Al Qaeda father, into the currency of violence.

But still thinks he should hang. Even though he's the poster boy of a child soldier.

Al-Zawahiri and his diabolical brethren created a freak of terrorism in Omar Khadr, groomed to kill.That's the crime. Omar Khadr was the weapon. But I'm not sure it justifies absolution, or a cheering section.

Freak of terrorism....cheering section....WTF is she talking about ?

Omar Khadr was never a terrorist. He couldn't have killed that special forces soldier because he was too badly wounded. He prefers Disney comics and colouring books books to studying the Koran. His dream is to see the Lord of the Rings. And even his wretched guards say he is good kid and can be rehabilitated.

You know if support for the Great War on Terror .... or our doomed mission in Afghanistan... means violating human rights and abandoning a Canadian kid to the tender mercies of the torturers at Guantanamo, the Pentagon stooge chickenhawk can squawk herself.

I'm going AWOL.

Or going with someone who really knows what war is all my hero Romeo Dallaire.

"We're getting stabbed in the back.....We have worked for years to assist other nations in eradicating the use of children in conflict. But our own country doesn't even want to recognize that our own citizen (is a child soldier). No matter what his politics are, it's totally irrelevant. He's a child soldier that was abused and he's a child soldier that needs to be brought back into a formal process we signed up for."

And I'm sure he does.....about the damage to Canada's reputation.Because the reviews of the Khadr video are starting to come in, and they're not good.

It's not the post I'm concerned about. Other European ones are far more critical Although it does make some good points about the horrors the video doesn't show.

It's the comments that trouble me...

It may not show the true extent of "life" at Gitmo but it does show Canada's true colours: a racist US sub-state that is not interested in justice or the truth...

And what about the despicable and cowardly Canadian government which allows one of its citizens to be treated in such a foul and inhumane manner? Not a finger lifted to help, not a word of comfort from them.

Many Canadians are disgusted with Harper on this one, but certainly no where near enough. This is partly due to the fact that Kadr's mother has made inflammatory and BS comments about Western society producing gay, drug-abusing kids, she wants her son to be strong warrior Muslim etc. People don't like the Kadr's. So Omar Kadr, 15 years old, is thrown to the wolves by his own government and society. Disgusting.

Canada, America`s thrall. The little country.

Ouch. That one really stings.

But then a country's soul is a precious thing

And the truth always hurts...


Simon said...

Uh...yeah...right...whatever. Look as a gay guy I don't need lectures on sharia law from anyone. And I hate all kinds of forms of religious extremism.
But if you're only interested in whipping up hate against a Canadian child soldier, I'm not interested in debating anything with you.
In fact, I don't want to be rude, but don't bother to come here anymore. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"Look as a gay guy I don't need lectures on sharia law from anyone."

Apparently you do. Sticking you in a locked room with a few of those "Canadian child soldier" for an hour would teach you the best lesson what king of "child soldier[s]" they are.