Wednesday, July 30, 2008

John McCain, Obama, Paris and Britney

Uh oh. I see that John McCain has dropped his I'm a nice old guy routine, and turned into Crazy Johnny.

And gone so off the deep end negative he's now comparing Obama to Paris Hilton and Britney Spears.

Gosh what a low tabloid blow. I felt like phoning Paris and Britney to try to cheer them up. Just because McCain compared them to a goody goody like Obama doesn't mean their careers are OVER. Does it? They can still get drunk....and drive. Can't they? Or do they have to pretend to be Madonna?

But seriously what IS Poppy trying to say? Obama is popular and I'm not ? So vote for me. Huh? That's original.

Or is he so desperate he's just showing two slutty white bimbos and a black man....and hoping for the best?

Or the worst.

My advice? Give Poppy the Commander in Chief Test....

Then ask Americans whether they really want a senile old man trapped in the past who can't get even the most basic facts right about anything, who even his friends admit has a vicious temper.

A man who believes in total war.

Like the man he succeeded as senator from Arizona, Barry Goldwater--whose militaristic style alarmed voters when he ran for President in 1964--there is only one word to describe the prospect of John McCain with his finger on the button: scary.

A Crazy Johnny. Hovering anywhere near that nuclear button.

And to help them decide them an Evil Johnny version of this ad...


If Poppy wants to play Commander in Chief. And live in the past.

Goo Goo. Gah Gah. AAAARGH.

I say humour him...

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