Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wingnut Defends Anti-Gay Comic Book

Brent Rinehart is a former air conditioning salesman, a family values fraud, a wretched homophobe and an accused felon, who for some reason is having trouble convincing voters to re-elect him as Commissioner of Oklahoma County.

So to try to win them over he published a 16-page comic book blaming all his troubles on "liberal good ol' boys." Huh? Wot? In Oklahoma? Really?

And gays in togas.

Today he went on CNN where he was grilled like a bigotburger by John Roberts about whether he was a low homophobe.

And pleaded dumbass ignorant.

ROBERTS: The question is, Commissioner Rinehart, are you homophobic?

RINEHART: Well, I’m not even sure as to what homophobic means. But let’s just keep in mind that we are in a cultural war, not just here in the state of Oklahoma but nationwide.

Which must have been real EASY.

Because when it comes to the dumb as a spoon political hack homophobe category Brent is a shoo in.

He poses as a champion of family values ... and fails miserably.

He poses as Mr Good Government ....but is facing NINE felony charges of abusing his office.

And now he's posing as a comic book artist ....when it's OBVIOUS he can't spell or draw to save his life.

What more can I say about a TOTAL loser like Brent ? What more can I say about this wretched homophobe/artist?

Except aren't the wingnuts lucky to have him? They deserve him.

And aren't we lucky we got Mark?

Happy Birthday Slappy !!!


P.S. I forgot to mention that a bit of a disturbance broke out in the bunker when I said that I would LOVE to wear a toga...especially when it's hot and humid. I think it would be even better than a kilt...and so much GAYER.

Judging by the rude comments, I have to believe the other guys are jealous. Oh well I guess some can wear them and some can't. But we did agree on something.

The day Brent is CONVICTED.

We'll be having a PARTY.

Just like these guys....


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday shoutout, Simon!

As for Rinehart's comic, I don't think I've ever been so offended. Not as a gay guy, mind you, but as an illustrator.

(Can I call myself that now?)

Simon said...

Hi Mark !!!! My pleasure. Happy Birthday again.

Can you call yourself an illustrator?

Well excusez moi. Yes you can.

Congratulations on your new gig. You deserve it.

Now get back to work you slacker. How dare you take a week off !! :)