Friday, July 18, 2008

A Birthday Song for Nelson Mandela

Today is the 90th birthday of my greatest living hero Nelson Mandela

What can I say about a man who is such a beacon of light in a dark world full of swaggering phonies? A man who sacrificed so much for the cause of freedom, but has never stopped speaking out for the rights of the poor and the vulnerable. And had the Constitution of the New South Africa include a recognition of the rights of gay people.

An incredibly strong but gentle man who inspired me to be a better and less violent person...and forgive my bully enemies. A man who is loved by so many all over the world. A man I love so much.

Except to say that I hope he isn't too disappointed.

Mandela is 90.......But the sweet celebration of a life of leadership, service and generosity is mixed with the sour taste of a legacy being polluted in front of the old man’s tired eyes.

And that after so many years in jail..... I'm happy that at least now he isn't lonely.

So I thought it might be neat to checkout Archbishop Desmond Tutu's birthday present to the man South Africans call Madiba ...or Father.

To support Mandela's 46664 AIDS foundation.

From one great man to another...

Happy Birthday Nelson!!!

My hero.

I hope you live FOREVER....

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