Friday, June 19, 2009

The Blogging Tories and the Homophobes

I don't like a lot of things I read on the Blogging Tories. The racism, the xenophobia, the relentless assault on modernity. And of course the mediocrity of it all.

But I never bother to leave comments because I'm not interested in flame wars. And what's the point ? Why stir up the batty cave? And have them fly out at you... SQUAWK SQUAWK ...FART FART....IT'S THE LIEBERALS AND THE MOOOOOOSLIMS !!!!

But today I HAD to eh? Put on my rubber booties and wade into the pigshit and the insanity. Because this is the LIMIT.

I'm not going to bother explaining to Shane Edwards why the Cons are donating money to the Gay Pride parade. I'll leave that up to brother Mark.

But I do want The to explain to me why they would allow the disgusting feminist basher and homophobic hatemonger Karol Karolak to promote hatred against gay people in the comments.

And why they would allow him to slander me.

(Note Karolak's vile comments have since been removed ....see note at the end of the post. But this is the line that concerned me)

BIG HOMO propaganda machine in a full swing again; Montreal Simon calls for confrontation and violence against heterosexuals in Canada.

By accusing me of promoting violence with this post.

Which of course is outrageous because I don't promote violence against ANYONE.

But here's what I don't understand. Karol Karolak is well known as probably the most disgusting homophobe in Canada. When he tried to hijack a thread on the BT Forums recently, Craig Smith had the decency to take it down.

So your Honour ....why won't The ? And do you think they'll have the decency to apologize for giving Karol a forum to promote hatred, libel me, channel his crazies my way, and possibly endanger my life?

NOTE: The administrator who deleted Karolak's comments says he was not aware of them for 48 hours. And as soon as he saw them he deleted them. And that furthermore that neither he or his blog condone Karol's views. Not that I said that ...just asked why they were not deleted. See note at the end of the post.

Or at the very least bore me to death, or cause my fingers to hurt from hitting the delete button.

Hmmm...I wonder how much I can get for that? Especially since I play the piano eh?

And what does Stephen Taylor have to say about this? Is he proud of Karol? And will he share the court costs.... or put up his bail ?

I also want to say that I'm not intimidated by any of the death threats I'm receiving...although I recognize the police may think differently. In fact, in a certain way I'm DELIGHTED. Because I started off thinking I needed a new i-phone.... but now I think somebody is going to buy me another big-screen TV !!!!!

But seriously....can you imagine that kind of hatemongering material ever appearing on a progressive site? I can't either.

Which only goes to show what kind of people the ReformCons really are. Why this country has to be cleaned up.

And why we're so much BETTER than they are. Pat yourselves on the back my progressive family.

Have a great weekend.

This one's for you....


UPDATE: 22/06/09

This afternoon I was informed by the administrator of the that all of Karol's offensive and libellous comments have been removed from that blog. And that the delay in deleting them was due to the fact he was unaware of them. And NOT because the condoned Karolak's views. And I accept that explanation, although I still cannot understand how such comments should have been left up there so long.

I also want to say that although in my original post I believed the blog's author Shane Edwards was responsible for moderating comments I have been told that only the administrator can do that. So I can't blame Shane, and I'm sorry I did. Although I can't understand that since it was his post, and he was aware of my request he didn't write something or alert and administrator. For the complete exchange read the last few comments...


Jim Parrett said...

This is why i do not visit conservative sites. I'm glad other progressives do and tell me about them so I can see how little I am missing.

rww said...

I've been enlightened, Without reading that I would never know that you hate me (and all heterosexuals) certainly nothing in your blog indicates that.

Simon said...

Hi Jymn...yes that's true you're not missing much. I read the Blogging Tories because I need to know what the Dark Side is up to. But I don't leave comments, I don't bother them, and I expect them to do the same to me.
So I really can't allow them to give that homophobe a forum to slander me.
And send all kind of crazies my way.
But yes, after this I don't think I'll be reading the Blogging Tories for a while... :)

Simon said...

Hi RWW....I think Karol's aim is to try to make me hate myself as much as he hates himself. But unfortunately I have the opposite problem. Or so my friends say. But then they're just jealous...and I hate them too... :)

Scott in Montreal said...

I do not need my spirit dragged down into the gutter needlessly. Hence, the people posting shite I completely ignore. Why feed their paltry egos? For them, riling up les autres is sport. You have to understand - they don't have much else with which to amuse themselves.

Important message to homophobes everywhere: stop limiting your identity to heterosexual and start thinking of yourself as just another human being. As a bonus, you'll probably add 4 to 6 years onto your life.

Kevin Bradley said...

It's amazing, isn't it, what the conservatives can read into almost anything?! They can take "See Jack run," and turn it into whatever their pet peeve is at the moment. There seems to be no logic in their thought processes (such as they are) at all. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

oh yuck. and death threats too?!?!? i don't check out the dark side blogs either....why feed the energy? as long as you're not commenting i can see why you may want to venture into their hellish havens and have a gander and that's a personal choice....i'm too old and have seen enough that i just don't want to see them anymore - but looking at your snippets of them is fine for me and enough to handle. someone's gotta do the dirty work and give us the reports.....but for gawds sake simon, don't comment there!!!!!

Mark from Slap said...

I always enjoy reading descriptions of Pride parades from people who have never actually been to one.

I'm not sure where all these debaucherous, public sex acts are supposed to take place. In between the Smith & Jones Financial Services Smart car and the North End GLBT Badminton Club, perhaps? Maybe I just coincidentally miss it every year while briefly glancing at the IBM employee's pamphlet listing the top 10 ways in which IBM is a leader in promoting workplace equality.

(In fairness, I did see one penis at Toronto's Pride parade the last year I was there. But, trust me, it was not sexy. In fact, I think I might have turned straight for an attosecond or two.)

Simon said...

Hi Scott...yes you're right life is too short to read that shite.
I try to stay away from it as much as I can. But that creepy freak is always bugging me. I try to ignore his filthy perverted messages, but having him go on another site and accuse me of inciting violence made me see red.
And the fact that the wouldn't have the decency to delete Karolak's filthy comments, like everybody else does, made me even madder.
But I'm OK now. I took in some Quebecois acts tonight, which made me feel a lot mellower.
And as soon as it stops raining @&#$ I'll move on... :)

Simon said...

Hi Kevin...yes amazing and depressing. You know I always try to put myself in the shoes of others so I can better understand them. But with the Conservatives it never works.
It's like Cinderella's Ugly Sisters ... NOT a good fit... :)

Simon said...

Hi Scout... *groan* you're right too.. :)
I should stay away from those hellish havens. Sebastien came back from the Montreal this afternoon and he wasn't amused either. I know why he's upset but it's so unfair. Some homophobe freak can post some lies about me on another blog and I'm not supposed to say ANYTHING. Oh well... the way I see it between the post on gay bashing, and the reaction of the creepy freak, and the failure of the SoCons at the to delete the garbage, it just reinforces my original point that homophobia is everywhere...even in Canada.
I'd like to say I planned it that way, but it just HAPPENED... ;)

Simon said...

Hi Mark...yes I am surprised at how these homophobes are always projecting their deeply repressed sexual fantasies on the Gay Parades. Because I don't find them sexy in not gay creative and exuberant enough.For example I would prefer a parade with more music trucks where ordinary people would be able to join in and dance behind their favourite floats.
And of course I would prefer far more wild and creative and defiant political stuff.
As for that penis...I know what you're saying because I saw it too and it was HORRIBLE !!!! :)

Anonymous said...

He's a old closet queen did u see what he says about the people who wrote comments?

Judging by the comments he gets at his blog it seems to me that his friends love the smell, the colour and the texture of what Simon’s mouth and his rectum extrudes if and when these orifices are not used by his friends as a receptacles of their genital organs.

U guys shld sue that perv.

Simon said...

Hi I hadn't seen that little turd stinking up the But that's their problem eh? If they're OK with letting Karol turn their blog into a porn site where perverts can worship my asshole who am I to complain? :)
And no I don't plan to sue him or the rednecks at the I believe in the right to make a fool of yourself on the internet too much for that.
And as I mentioned, I believe other people on his long list of victims, have or are planning to file harrassment complaints, so I'll leave it up to the police.
But I think you're right about the closet queen part. Some of the filthy stuff he sends me is so pornographic and creepy that I can't help but feel that he hates me but he WANTS me !!!! *Shudder* Which is classic self loathing closet queen stuff. I also just read about a study in Scientific American that showed that when they tied little rubber thingies around the dicks of guys so they can't lie...the homophobes were the ones MOST aroused by gay sex images. i.e. when they hate us they're really just trying to repress themselves.
You know if he wasn't so disgusting and creepy I'd almost feel sorry for him.
Because for homophobes like Karol, their miserable, repressed, bitter and unhappy lives are their own worst punishment. The pain must be UNBEARABLE. Oh well. Here's a cheery thought. Give them enough rope and they'll hang themselves. :)

Frank Frink said...

Wonder what The Politic would have to say about this?

Keywords: Public 'stimulus' money; Private members-only club.

Now think of all the previous cuts (CBC, arts, SWC, and on and on) and they have money earmarked for this!!??

Anonymous said...

" . . . I believe in the right to make a fool of yourself on the internet too much for that. . . ."

We have that in great abundance here in Canada but not nearly as greatly as in the good ol' US,eh?

That said, why get worked up about another's ditherings and rantings. If he's that truly imbecilic, let him hang himself on his own words and let his admiring toadies swallow it all whole. Thousands of folk do that with the likes of Bill Carroll and Michael Coren or the Adler blowhard from Winnipeg. And of course, Free Dominion and Connie Wilkins/Fournier.

It's the converted or logically perverted talking among themselves and pollution the airwaves with their brand of bilge. These are the types who think their TV is spying on them and the toaster oven sends messages back to the master ship.

Laugh it off and let them play village idiot to all and sundry.
We need a good laugh once in a while.

'berto said...

Someone needs to tell these blogging "Tories" that their movement no longer exists, and hasn't since Potato-Head Pete betrayed the old Progressive Conservative party into the hands of the treacherous, fundamentalist Dominionist-loving Harpokon-Reformers. These ain't your grandfather's Tories, boyz 'n girlz... these people are dangerous, fundamentalist fanatics.

Simon said...

Hi Torontonian...GEEZUS...why am I cursed to have such wise old friends? :)
But you're right of course I will simply ignore Karol and his friends.
The last time I checked he was calling for gays to be given electric shock treatment so it can only get WORSE. And he can only get CRAZIER.
Which reminds me I'm a bit concerned about this old guy walking around my garden talking to himself ...with a pickled fetus in one hand, and a zucchini in the other. You don't think it's him do you? And should I send out the toaster oven to talk to him...get the big screen tv to tell him to fuck off....or just call the insane asylum?
You know maybe you're right. Maybe it's just simpler and healthier to
laugh at them...

Simon said...

hi 'berto...yes they sure are a bunch of weirdos.But they're not usually homophobic so the kind of material the is publishing both surprises and shocks me.
It's clearly libellous, it's absolutely filthy, but the blog author doesn't have the decency to remove it.
I think you're right... the Reform scumbags have hijacked the PC party and their poison is everywhere.
My only consolation? I think I can use this stuff to hurt the Harper Cons. And blow a hole the size of Ezra Levant's ass in the side of the free homophobic speech movement. Can you imagine Lezra trying to defend Karol...and drowning in his excrement?
You know there are useful idiots, and then there are useful bigots ... ;)

Anonymous said...

Montreal Simon

I am not wise, but I am older.

Sixty-five and a bit. But you probably pieced that together by now.

'berto said...

Simon wrote: "I think you're right... the Reform scumbags have hijacked the PC party and their poison is everywhere."

Not quite. The PC party no longer exists, and hasn't since Potato-head Pete sold them out to the Reform/Alliance -- despite his express, written promise that he would do no such thing. The Progressive Conservative party is DEAD, and there are no "Tories" any longer. The Harpokons, however, continue to use terms such as "Tories" (and have even re-branded themselves as "Conservatives") because they know most Canadians will confuse them with/relate them to the old PC party which, for all its many failings, was NEVER as vile, disgusting and dangerous as these fundamentalist fanatics that have killed their party and begun fraudulently calling themselves "Tories".

Simon said...


This afternoon I was informed by Greg Farries,the administrator of the, that ALL of Karolak's horrible comments have been removed. Greg also told me that he is the only one allowed to delete comments and he only found out about them today. I find this situation hard to believe, but since I have no reason to doubt Greg's sincerity, I reluctantly accept his explanation.
I also have no problem in retracting any comments I might have made about Shane Edwards,the or the Blogging Tories sharing Karol's disgusting comments or homophobia.
I now believe that they are guilty only of bad blog comment moderation.
I am still deeply disturbed that those comments stayed up so long and caused me and my loved ones so much anxiety. But Karol has attempted to hijack other blogs before and I am just happy that he now has one less forum in which to publish his hateful views...

Simon said...

Hi Torontonian...I see you're a very modest person. But a random survey of my friends suggests that age and wisdom go together... :)

Simon said...

Hi 'berto... yes I suppose you're right. When you think about it there isn't much of the old PC party left. I think there are a few decent PCers left, but they are just a handful, and are all but drowned out by Con's dinosaur base.
I wonder if the PCers will ever be able to break away from the ReformCons, and form a moderate party again. Or will they just join the Liberals... ;)

Oliver said...

Thanks for the retraction, but I'd appreciate it if you edited the original post with a footnote of retraction. I was not involved in the slightest with your perceived slander - in fact I stopped reading the comments because the back-and-forth between Karol and yourself bored me. I had no idea you were even taking pot-shots at me for not being the "administrator" of The Politic.

I find it bizarre to the point of wondering if I am in the Twilight Zone that you brand me a homophobe in the comments of a post that points out that no matter what conservatives to, no matter how nice, or considerate, or supportive of the homosexual community we are, you will always brand us homophobes.

Simon said...

Hi Shane...actually I find you are in the twilight zone for trying to blame the victim instead of the perpetrator. Typical bullying Con behaviour.
But let me recapitulate the timeline.
I see libelous and incendiary comments aimed at me in the comments.I see that you are intervening in the the thread. I ask you to remove the comments and receive no answer. You now admit that you saw them but didn't do anything. Not even bother to inform me that you can't delete the comments even though they were filthy and libelous and my polite request to delete that filth "amused" you? Even though they triggered horrible e-mails, and caused me and my family to worry about my safety. And I had every reasonable expectation that since the comments violated your own guidelines they would be criticized or moderated by you. YOU want to dictate retractions to ME when your blog hasn't had the decency to apologize to me for publishing those vile comments? Look I don't know what it's like to be on Planet SoCon but it sure is a weird place.
I actually don't mind changing a few words in the post...I do that all the time with old stories I like. And since your administrator finally removed all of Karolak's posts aimed at me ...and by so doing proved the only point I was trying to make: they should never have been up there...I am extremely happy.
But as I told Greg today, I have screenshots of ALL of Karolak's comments, and I believe that anybody who looks at them will agree that you and your blogging cohorts owe ME an apology.
And I'm still waiting...
In the meantime I console myself with the thought that was the main point of my post. Whatever this sordid episode demonstrated, it did show why we are so much better than you...

Oliver said...

Much thanks for the updated post.

But now to comment on your gracious words in response to my request.

Holy planet spaceball.

"Not even bother to inform me that you can’t delete the comments even though they were filthy and libelous and my polite request to delete that filth “amused” you? "

Quotes imply quoting something. I have never said I was amused. I never had the power to remove any comments. I assumed that Greg would, in due course, but, see, we have this thing called "a life", that sometimes requires us to not be at our computer, staring at idiots on the internet insulting each other (and I am referring to both you AND Karol, so don't play the discrimination card on this one!) Maybe you have the time to spare in your life to worry about trolls under every bridge, but I frankly don't.

Political discourse is a hobby not a job, and the world would be a better place if people like you took a good swig of perspective before you jumped into the mud pit to sling back.

Simon said...

hi just admitted in the comments earlier that you were aware of my request to delete Karol's post and you were "bored."
Shake your head you silly SoCon that's ALL I needed to know. Talk about a useful idiot....
BTW I read your disgusting post about Matthew Sheppard and I got to say you and Karol deserve each other...