Friday, July 13, 2007

Is Anything Quite as Grubby As a Right-Wing Hypocrite?

Uh oh. It looks like another Republican Family Values Champion has been caught soliciting a hooker in a toilet. A hooker who unfortunately for fatso on the right...seen here at the signing of an ANTI -CRIME bill...turned out to be a COP.

A tearful Florida Rep. Bob Allen said Thursday that he is not guilty of soliciting an undercover male officer for sex and had no intention of resigning his House seat.

Police arrested Allen Wednesday afternoon at a Titusville park bathroom after officials said he offered to perform oral sex on an undercover officer and to pay the officer $20 for the opportunity.

And the details in the charge sheet are even MORE frightening.

Holy rump roast!!!! Can you imagine hearing the door of your toilet stall open and close.... ...and when you turn your head to look...there is Big Bubba Bob all hornied up standing right behind you? That cop deserves a medal.

Although HE shocked me too. What kind of a cracked out hooker is he? Going on a date with a pig like that for only $20 bucks. Doesn't he have any RESPECT for himself?

I guess that's what happens if you hang out in toilets too much....

But seriously what is it with these Republicans? These Family Values Champions. And their hookers?

Aren't they and all the quacking religious fanatics who support them a crazy sicko bunch.?

And here's the this latest tale of Republican depravity.

Blow Job Bob was the author of Florida House Bill #1475, the 'Lewd and Lascivious Behavior Act' which would have made public sex even MORE of a crime than it already is!!

It failed to pass. Lucky for Bob.

But honestly is there ANYTHING quite as creepy and grubby as a right-wing hypocrite?

Doesn't the word FAMILY VALUES just make you want to barf?

Or laugh...

Encore. Encore. I want MORE!!!!



  1. Anonymous1:37 AM

    Blowjob Bob! What a knob!

    What a dummy I am -- I first thought he was wanting to pay the cop to give him (Bob) a BJ, then I thought he was wanting to give the cop a BJ and have the cop pay him $20... hmm, very confusing story. He should give a more in-depth explanation of exactly what the transaction was supposed to be.:D

  2. JJ puhleeze!!! Having Bob suck him for just twenty bucks is bad enough. But doing Bob for just twenty bucks is UNTHINKABLE!!!!!
    The cop would have to arrest himself... :)