Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Ugly Duckling and the Hate that Kills

I've always loved the story of the Ugly Duckling because it's such a cute story....and because it's so GAY.

Every gay or lesbian person goes through that misery and confusion before they realize who they are.

And that they are beautiful too.

I remember the day I met my swan. It was the most awesome day of my life.

Too bad the man who created the duckling .... Hans Christian Andersen.

Wasn't so lucky.

He was gay like I just KNEW he had to be.

When he was asked near the end of his life whether he intended to write a biography, he said he already had; The Ugly Duckling

But according to a recent biography he was probably a virgin all his life. He never found HIS swan.

But he did masturbate a lot. And every time he did he noted it in his diary with a black cross. Isn't THAT depressing? He wrote so many beautiful stories that still bring joy to so many children and adults all over the world.

But his own life was so sad.

He was a victim of his religious beliefs. A victim of his times. A victim of the hate that kills...and still does.

Sometimes homophobia kills you quickly with a knife through the heart. Or a baseball bat to the back of the head.

Sometimes it just steals your life away. Bit by bit.

One day after the other.

Hans Christian Andersen died sick and alone. Admired but never loved.

He wrote the best coming out story EVER. He never could come out himself.

But his little duckling swims towards his swan forever.

Lighting the way for others...

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