Tuesday, September 07, 2010

The Globe, the Goobers, and the Gun Registry

Oh. My. Hee Haw. I see the Globe and Mail is desperately trying to attract new readers... or good ol boys. With this road kill of an editorial.

Or did that guy write it ? Because it's so full of shit manure from beginning to end it might as well have been dictated by the NRA itself.

Look if the Globe is going to encourage rednecks to read.... which is a good thing....  they should really instruct them to read this instead.

So when some gun nut opens and shuts its pie hole rhythmically, and screeches "Guns don't kill people criminals do!!!!! Goober.Goober. And they use hand guns !!!!!! "

They can read this....if they can.

Criminals also use shotguns and rifles. Of the 16 police officer shooting deaths in Canada between 1998 and 2009, 14 were killed by a long gun. Long guns are as lethal as handguns and have been used in domestic violence and in suicides. Most firearm-related deaths are caused by rifles or shotguns with suicides the leading cause of death by firearms in Canada.

Or we can  read it to them. SLOWLY. Remember you have to be pretty dumb not to be able to fill out a form. Or lazy and paranoid and Amerikan.

And when the NRA Globe editorialists say the gun registry doesn't work. We can tell them to have three more scotch and sodas and then hit them with this:

The Firearms Registry, along with the educational measures and safe storage regulations introduced at the same time have worked to reduce rifle and shotgun murders in Canada at a rate far greater than murders by other firearms like handguns. Youth suicide rates by shotguns have also declined more than suicide rates by other means.

And if after that they still don't get it we can try explaining it even more simply. Pausing after every word to let it sink in. Good guys are good guys...... until they shoot their wives. And the gun registry is about more than just fighting the criminals (PAUSE)  It's also about fighting suicide and domestic abuse.

And if the gun registry can save the life of just one woman, or one police officer, or stop one teenager from committing suicide it's more than worth the money spent on it.

And if those goobers STILL don't get it, and are not interested in a compromise, then do what I do, and simply ignore them. 

Tell them to go vote for Stephen Harper...

Because he's obviously their kind of guy. And they should definitely kiss his big gun. Or sit on it.  

Or better still tell, them go vote for Sarah Palin.

And take their big guns  tiny cannons with them...

I think gun worship is RIDICULOUS.

As well as dangerous and disgusting.

I want to live in Canada not Amerika.

But hey,if these gun nutters want a WAR. 

I say we give them one...

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Anonymous said...

Read up on crime statistics in Switzerland. Full of guns, lowest crime rate.