Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jack Layton and the Gun Registry

I'm glad that Jack Layton has apparently corralled enough cats votes to save the gun registry.

Jack's a decent guy, the NDP is a decent progressive party, this is a big victory for all of us. So I'm as happy as can be.

I would have preferred that Jack whip his caucus, because this was never a private member's bill. Not with the Cons whipping their MPs. And not with a website like this one.

And these kind of friends.

But I don't care. All I care about is trying to protect the lives of women, police officers, and so many other Canadians. I'm a harm reduction guy period. So way to go Jack !!! 

Which is why I'm a bit disappointed to see some progressives slagging each other over whose approach was better.  

When we should be partying together tonight. Because all that counts is that we're WINNING, the Cons are LOSING. And it's been FOREVER since we have been able to say that.

And did you see who the Cons wheeled out to complain they are being  DEMONIZED?

The dick head Pierre Poislievre...

What ballsy move. Or a desperate one. Muahahahahaha.

So c'mon everybody lighten up eh? You may fight each other, but I love you ALL. Even though I have to admit that herding Liberal and NDP cats in my circle of friends can be a little...um... stressful. Meowwwwwch.

But think of it this way. The crazed NRA gun nutters and Stephen Harper's AmeriCons must be feeling terrible tonight. Hugging their weapons, or licking them, or crying like babies.

I'm gonna have to fill out a form !!!!! I'm being treated like a CWIMINAL !!!! WAAAAAAAAAH !!!!!

So why don't we make those NRA lovers feel even WORSE?

By reminding them we're Canadian. We no speak Americano.

And when we progressive Canadians work... or play...TOGETHER.

NOBODY can beat us...

OK so they're not Canadian, they're Irish. But who cares eh?

We're winning, the AmeriCons are losing. I'm dancing my ass off.

And that's all that counts...

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