Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Whatever Happened to the Pitbull John Baird?

Oh no. What a disappointment. I checked out Question Period today and I don't know what show this guy was watching.

But apart from the disturbing sight of Stephen Harper rubbing his head and talking to himself....or God... I thought it was BORING.

Where was all the action I had been promised?

Why was the pitbull John Baird so silent?

And why did he look so....um... different?

Oh yeah I forgot.

“Funny Baird attacking Toronto elites. Who are they ? I imagine given the # of cosmos I have had with Rusty @ Byzantium he qualifies.”

And now I don't blame him eh?

If I called people "elitists" for defending the gun registry. And then was revealed to like quaffing poofy cocktails in a fancy gay restaurant in Toronto, where rude poor gay boys like me aren't welcome.

I'd keep my mouth shut too. And try to change my appearance, so nobody could recognize me, and call me a HYPOCRITE.

Oh well. If the Cons are going to play pussies.

I say call out the hounds...

Rusty. Rusty. Down boy down. 


Give the guy a Cosmos or some catnip !!!!!!


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