Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Dogs of Autumn

Oh no. Poor Stephen Harper. Nothing seems to be working out for him these days. Somebody PLEASE take that gun away from him before he shoots the census, an invisible criminal, the equally invisible Separatist Coalition. Or just HIMSELF.

Not that I would blame him eh?

I mean how long can you defend the indefensible decision to gut the census, or try to portray the progressive parties as a mortal threat to Canada, without looking and sounding like a maniac?

The Conservatives slammed their political rivals as a "coalition" ready to ride roughshod over privacy rights, as the three opposition parties backed a motion Tuesday to revive the mandatory long-form census.

Or a loser getting ready to lose another vote in the House of Commons tomorrow, exactly one week after he lost the one on the gun registry. And shot himself in the foot ass.

Mr. Graves argues that the fight over the long-gun registry is not a ballot issue for many Canadians. Rather, he notes the gun registry, when taken in concert with other Tory missteps – scrapping the mandatory long-form census, excluding abortion rights from the maternal health initiative and the treatment of the veterans ombudsman – “has been reshaping the Canadian political landscape.”

You know Frank Graves is right. Too many in our mediocre media tend to focus on the Con outrage of the day. They forget the cumulative factor. Forget that the gun registry issue was just the latest stinky sauce on a meal full of maggots. 

A maggoty meal that they are trying to shove down our throats like the Con zombie Tony Clement was doing yesterday:

"We have been open, we have been reasonable, we have been honest," he said. "We have tried to find a reasonable balance between the coercion that the opposition loves to enforce on Canadians, but getting the useful and usable data without having those threats of jail time and massive fines against our fellow Canadian citizens."

When every single WORD was just another Big Lie. They haven't been open, they haven't been reasonable, they haven't been honest, they haven't tried to find a reasonable balance. All they've done is lie and destroy, act like madmen, and take us for IDIOTS.

Who do these crazed alien ideologues think we are? When is enough ENOUGH?

And good for our wonderful French-speaking citizens from the Federation des Communautes Francophones et Acadienne du Canada for calling the Cons VANDALS. Because that's exactly what they are. Vandals sacking our country.

Oh boy. You know the other day in a post about the ridiculous pitbull pussycat John Baird, I said we really need to set the dogs on those feral Cons.

But now I realize those performing dogs were far too classy for them.

Now I want every progressive person in this country to get ready to kick ass in the next election.

So the Cons feel like we're setting THESE dogs on them.

I don't know about you eh? But I don't want to see those Cons just slightly defeated.

After what they've done to our beautiful country.

I want to see them DESTROYED...

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