Friday, September 17, 2010

Why Fox News North is Dead as a Dodo

Catching up with the news....I see that Don Martin thinks that Kory Teneycke's sudden departure from Fox News North aka Harper TV, is a good thing for Sun TV.

Brash to a fault, with a take-no-prisoners viciousness that made his jugular lunges impossible to ignore, Mr. Teneycke took on controversies with such gusto, he usually made them bigger.

Mr. Teneycke had publicly identified some of the fake signatures that came from the same Ottawa Internet address, even though the list wasn’t public. When that was pointed out, Mr. Teneycke cited an unnamed source for his information. Very strange. Somewhat suspicious.

And I agree with him. Because now at least it's Sun TV again and Fox News North is as dead as a Dodo.

How do I know this? 

Because I know Luc Lavoie, and he won't allow it...

 He may be a ruthless operator, and Brian Mulroney's devoted consiglieri. But he's no friend of the Harperites, and he's no teabagger.

Oh sure, if it ever gets a licence, Sun TV will be a right-wing station. For a while at least.

Plans to get the show on the air are moving forward quickly now. The announcement that radio host Charles Adler will join the network is expected to be followed by news that ever-colourful author Ezra Levant will have a show just before one featuring the solid pairing of David Akin with defence analyst Mercedes Stephenson.

But it will never be the rabidly right wingnut station that Kory Teneycke was hoping it would be.

And most importantly it almost surely won't be a mouthpiece for the Harper PMO.

On the road this summer aboard the "Liberal Express", I witnessed several occasions where Sun reporters in the regions produced a piece of paper with a question for Michael Ignatieff. They would read this query, sometimes saying they'd been told to ask the question by their bosses. Funnily enough, the questions mirrored Conservative talking points that were also sent by email to reporters aboard the bus.

It'll just be a weird little shoe string operation populated by absurd nerds like this one. The kind that jump up and down in their seats, look at themselves adoringly in the mirror, and say golly aren't I NAUGHTY ? Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

And how long do you think viewers will put up with the military industrial complex android Mercedes Stephenson telling them war is good for us? Before they scream BORING !!!!!

As for Ezra Levant....even if he is hired, he'll  be forced to tone down his ridiculous act, because Quebecor is cheap, and doesn't like being sued.

So he might actually be amusing. In an ugly sort of way.

Yup. Fox News North is dead. The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

And of course with Luc Lavoie in charge.

This old geezer....

Move over Lloyd Robertson.

So long SUCKERS.

Bye bye Fox News North.


UPDATE: How do you spell grovel? Buh bye Ezra...

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