Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Charlie Angus, the Bubba, and the Bozo

Whew. I'm glad to see that gun nutter Garry Breitkreuz's  proposal for a shotgun wedding with the NDP's Charlie Angus has ended badly.

"At this point, I am certainly not going to be standing beside Garry Breitkreuz trying to tell rural Canadians that the police are coming to steal their guns in the middle of the night. That's extreme," said Angus. "And that's not where I'll be standing at the end of the day. So you can infer from that however you want, but that's where I am going right now."

And who can blame Charlie eh? He's a nice guy, Bubba Bratwurst is a bigot. And this proposal is rather crude.

Bubba...Bubba...sausage...IDIOT. Love means never having to say sorry. Not marry me or ELSE.

But of course poor Charlie is not out of the woods yet.

Because I wouldn't be surprised if the old Con zombie Vic Toews comes stumbling out of the graveyard with a proposal of his own.

Because as we know the crazy old zombie has a tenuous grip on reality.

And of course polygamy isn't a problem.

But here's a serious question eh?

Why do you think the Con MP James "Bozo" Bezan put up a YouTube today attacking Jack Layton? And then immediately took it down.

But not before somebody made a copy...

I bet Bozo or the PMO deleted the video  because of this.

“It's time to tell Jack [Layton] to back off,” Mr. Bezan says. “This isn't about his downtown, big-city NDP.”

Because that's what it's all about isn't it? A crude attempt by these low Cons to pit rural Canadians against urban Canadians. 

And the last time I checked there were more than FOUR times the number of Canadians living in urban areas than those living in rural areas. So much for the Great Dividers. 

Oh boy. What can you say eh? Except why oh why do these ugly redneck Cons hate police officers, women, and city people soooooooooooo much? Golly. When city folk hear that they are going to be sooooooooooo upset.

 And there's MORE good news !!!

At least Charlie doesn't have to worry about a shotgun wedding proposal from Bozo Bezan. Because Woody would be DEVASTATED. Hee Haw.

Yup. My NDP friends are slowly coming back to the place where they should be. The gun registry might be saved.

And either way, from now on,  we have the Cons where we want them...


ck said...

OMG! That Bezan even talks like Shiriff Roscoe P Coltrane from the Dukes of Hazard!

Simon said...

hi ck...I'm afraid I never watched the Dukes of Hazard. But if Shiriff Rosco was like Bozo it must have been a scary program... :)