Saturday, September 11, 2010

Stephen Harper and the Zombie Apocalypse

You know what's the scariest thing about living in Stephen Harper's dark and increasingly bizarre Canada? A lot of normal, reasonable, intelligent people in the media still don't get it.

Five long years after those Con zombies seized power, they are still asking questions like why does the Harper government do what it does? 

Or in Susan Riley's shorter version who are they? 

When the questions are all wrong. 

And the answer is staring them in the face.

This is Stephen Harper's government. No Prime Minister in Canadian history has wielded such total CONTROL.

He does what he pleases...or whatever the angry voices in his head tell him to do...because none of his cowed zombies dares tell him differently.

And all he's ever wanted is a majority, so he can, as he once vowed, change Canada beyond RECOGNITION.

To that end he will spend ANY amount of money trying to buy votes, knowing that if he gets a majority he can use the huge deficit he created to cut government to the bleeding bone. Which is what he wanted to do in the first place. 

He won't attack abortion rights now, he won't go after gay marriage, he won't talk about his plans for medicare...even though he spent FOURTEEN years trying to destroy it.

But he is an ideologue, he is a religious fanatic, and if he gets a majority he will STRANGLE them all. And we will wake up in a Canada we don't recognize.

So even this underestimates the threat:

It is possible (though unlikely) there is no agenda, secret or otherwise, only impulse, the venting of well-marinated resentments and an acid-tipped communications strategy run by a cadre of hyper-partisan boy-men. Only one theme (you can't really call it a vision) recurs: destroy the Liberal Party.

Because there is impulse, there are marinated resentments, and hyper-partisan bully boys. And they do want to destroy the Liberal Party. But the madness comes straight from the disturbed mind of Stephen Harper. The crazed control freak.

And he has a hidden and sinister agenda as big as a mountain. 

It seems so obvious to me. I want to forgive those who still don't get what or who this ugly regime is all about. I want to believe that because Canadians never encountered a leader like Harper, like a body that can't recognize a new bug, they didn't realize the danger.

But after five years of zombie darkness my patience is running low. And if those sleepwalkers don't wake up soon that madness will KILL this country.

Oh well. What can I do eh? Except keep on warning people. 

Keep on playing happy songs on my guitar. Because I refuse to be discouraged.

And since it's Friday.

Keep waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse...

Because that's the good news eh? 

In the end the zombies ALWAYS lose.

Have a great weekend everybody !!!

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This reads like your taling about Trudeau.