Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Stephen Harper and the AmeriCon Threat

Every day more Canadians are seeing the real face of  Stephen Harper's sinister Con regime.

There is a disturbing trend going on amongst Canadian right wing proponents including the Harper government. They are attempting to copy US right-wing methods in Canada in lock-step formation.

It is time for the good citizens of Canada to wake up and look at the disturbing trends of the Canadian Conservative Party under Stephen Harper and his right wing allies in both Canada and the US to subvert science and democracy. We have to stand up for our rights and our democracy or the powerful vested interests will take them away.

But after five long years of unspeakable darkness, all I can say is what took them so long?

Because from the moment they took power those ghastly AmeriCons acted like thugs. They twisted the truth, they muzzled their critics, they demonized their opponents.

They used their Republican-style Satanic Book of Chaos to undermine our democracy.

They put their foul ideology before reason and the lives of ordinary Canadians. They shamed us in the eyes of the world with their assault on women and human rights, and their attempts to sabotage the fight against climate change.

And no tactics are beneath them.

So who can really be surprised that the fascist nutters from the National Rifle Association are behind their criminal assault on our gun registry?

And does anyone really think that the same dark foreign forces are not at work in Canada trying to strangle our medicare system? When Stephen Harper was a leader of the National Citizens Coalition that was created to DESTROY it?

Does anyone really think that they won't go after abortion rights or gay rights with another so-called private member's bill? When the PMO is crawling with rabid theocons who are just waiting for the moment to strike. 

And a government that would kill a census, and muzzle scientists is capable of ANYTHING.

The good news? Now at last the masks are falling off and the Cons are finally revealed for who they are. And we can use this to frame every single issue, from the gun registry to Fox News North.

Now it's between Stephen Harper's Cons who want  to rape this country and its precious values, and the Canadians who want to save them.

Those bestial bullies think that we are weak because we want a kinder, gentler society. But they are wrong. Our decency is our strength.

We are Canadians, they are the AmeriCons.

We are better than them. And in our quiet Canadian way.

We WILL defeat them...

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