Friday, December 01, 2006

The Gay Marriage Motion and the Plot to Kill Canada

If you want to know how dark it's getting in Stephen Harper's Canada. All you have to do is ask yourself a few questions. Like how did the crazy wingnut homophobes find out the wording of next week's vote on gay marriage? Before any other Canadians did. has obtained the wording of the Conservative Motion to be debated next week. Parliamentary sources have revealed that the motion states:

"That this house call on the government to introduce legislation to restore the traditional definition of marriage without affecting civil unions, and while respecting existing same sex marriages."

Then ask yourself who changed the motion? Wasn't it just supposed to be a vote on whether or not to re-open the same-sex marriage debate?

How come it's now a far more aggressively worded motion? Clearly aimed at forcing gays and lesbians to settle for civil unions. To complicate the debate. And make it even more divisive.

I looks as if gay and lesbian Canadians have been betrayed.

I always warned that Harper would introduce the notion of civil unions. Even though it is clearly discriminatory. To appeal to straights who think that would be an excellent compromise. We get our pension rights and all that. But they get to keep their Apartheid Marriage. And we still remain less than them.

Then ask yourself if all of the above might have something to do with one of Stephen Harper's brothers in faith? The porker homophobe Charles McVety...

You know the wingnut who claims he can get Great Leader on the phone. Quicker than anybody can.

“You know what? I can pick up the phone and call Harper and I can get him in two minutes. It's going to take you a month.”

Although now he's denying it....

I don't know about you...but one look at that pig bigot face. And I believe Garth. Why would I believe anything these religious perverts say?

"As the keystone of society, the family is the most favorable environment in which to welcome children...”

And how fucking dare these kinky bitchops talk about children. When everyone knows about all those priests that diddle them.
Or kiss and lick their feet.

Then ask yourself the final question....what's happening to Canada? What kind of government would let these crazy wingnuts get their hands on the levers of power?And let them dictate policy on everything from the Status of Women and gay marriage, to foreign policy and the environment.

This isn't a government any longer. It's a TheoCon Conspiracy. As Marci McDonald warned.

Unless these Albertan ReformCon nazis, and their wingnut homophobe allies, are driven from power...this country will be destroyed from within.

Unless Canadians wake up soon and realize the extent of this sinister wingnut plot to kill Canada as we know it. This country doesn't stand a chance.

You might as well spare it the agony. Take it behind the barn.

And put a bullet in its head...


Porker McVety now admits he wrote the motion.

Asked about the decision to go directly to a vote on rescinding the new definition that was brought in under the previous Liberal government, Dr. McVety said “the consensus, at the end of the day, was to restore the traditional definition of marriage or have no motion at all.”

Whose consensus? So now these wacko wingnuts not only tell our government what to do. They are writing our laws.

See what I mean? This country is in mortal danger. But let's not take poor old Canada behind the barn. I changed my mind...

Let's take these homophobe pigs to the barn instead.

And turn them into bigot bacon....


SouthAfrica said...

First gay marriage in South Africa yesterday.

JJ said...

"While respecting existing same-sex marriages"
I wonder how they square that with such disrespectful treatment as suggesting that same-sex marriages aren't every bit as profound as opp.-sex marriages. The congnitive dissonance is astonishing.

There's no reason why gay people should settle for anything less than full marriage, and it should be called "marriage", not "civil union" or any of this other hooey. Marriage, period.

Anonymous said...

right on JJ !!!

Anonymous said...

When I first read the story, I sat there like an idiot and thought, wait a minute, this isn’t what we were promised, this isn’t anything like it.

This was supposed to be a motion on whether to re-open the debate on Gay marriage, not a motion to introduce a new bill.

This really frosts my apricots, that son of a bitch is trying to pull another fast one on us. I’m calling Bill Graham’s office tomorrow, he’s my MP, and letting them know about my concerns.

Everyone who’s reading this, call your MP and politely point this out, it would be an excellent talking point for them to use in the House. The motion could be defeated on this alone.

Anonymous said...

Hi Yzerfontein...thanks for onpassing the good news about gay marriage in South Africa. I'm so proud of the ANC...although I didn't expect anything else from a Party whose spiritual leader is Nelson greatest living hero.South Africans can be really proud of themselves!

Hi JJ! I'm so angry about this...since far from an attempt to move's an attempt to confuse and divide (especially the Liberals)This vote was bad enough, and now it's even worse.I expect that if these nazi bigots lose the gay marriage battle...they'll use civil unions as a carrot to get the socons to vote for them in the next election...Our job? To make them choke on it! :)

Hi Bruce...yeah you're right...we should ask our MPs to ask the nazis why they changed the motion. And why they consulted McVety and company. At the very least the opposition should stage some kind of symbolic protest...before this revolting vote is taken....