Tuesday, November 28, 2006

The Gay Vote and the Homophobe House of Pigs

Oh goody goody! The nazi vote on gay marriage is finally going to be held.

Won't that be fun? There's nothing better than seeing your House of Parliament turned into the Homophobe House of Pigs. Or listening to all those filthy Klan Klowns putting down gay love. Or fucking and fondling my human rights. In a debate that never should have been held. Oh Kanada! I'm really going to love that.

I'm going to love it so much..... and the wave of hate it will unleash...... I've got a feeling Sebastien is going to call up and ask the boys in the bunker to tie me down. So I don't go looking for a fight. And end up getting into trouble. What a cruel blow that would be. On the Great New Great Day for Gay Marriage in Canada (the other one didn't count.) Lying flat on my back...strapped to the bed. Whoopee! Won't that be fun?

And don't you love the day these yankee suckin' ReformCons chose for the vote in the House of Pigs? December 7th....the anniversary of the Pearl Harbour attack. So while it may be a victory for us. For them it'll just be another Day of Infamy. I guess that means we get to play the japs...

Oh well...I guess that happens when you live in a world where so many straight people think they're more human than us. Or a country where so many of even our so-called friends, think we're so much less than them. And that our love doesn't count.

But maybe this Piggy Fest will serve some purpose. If it distracts Canadians. And makes this country killer story go away. As well as the filthy comments...

It is obvious that the Quebecers are different by wanting some kind of status, but not in a way that I would consider good. Kinda like that mangey coyote that needs to be put down for its own good.

These Quebec people seem to forget, that the land they want is not theirs, it belongs to Canada. How are they going to form a Nation, with out land?

You know....ever since the last referendum I've had this recurring nightmare..... That where once English Canada defined itself by being against the Americans. Now so much of its culture has been so Americanized. Sucked right out of its bleeding marrow. Now it's starting to define itself by being against Quebec. Now it's starting to eat itself.

Or maybe it's just a fatal ignorance. An inability to understand that a minority needs to feel respected more than a majority does. Surely only that can explain why even someone as decent as Ken Dryden doesn't get it either...It's a good speech. But he thinks too much like a lawyer. He still doesn't understand it's all about the heart. But then he never did...

For years he was the hero of millions of French-speaking Quebecers. The hero of the Canadien Nation. But he never bothered to learn French...Never understood that sometimes it's the small gestures that count.

Or that the French nation debate isn't about words. It's all about respect. Just like allowing gays to marry is. If English Canadians don't understand that. If they'd rather threaten and humiliate minority groups. Instead of making them feel at home. If they treat the French like they've treated us. If they make them as angry as they've made us. If Canada becomes Kanada. Then this country will really be fucked. Kaboom!

Forget the Tora Tora Tora. It might as well use the same rope the boys are going to use to try to tie me down.

And use it to hang itself...


Anonymous said...

My question is, will Charles McVety be on hand with the hot cattle prod to make the MP's stand up on a Yes to revisit marriage equality. No doubt that disgusting gluttonous piece of crisco lard will be on hand bloviating about his family values. Hopefully, these pigs fall flat into a pile of mud and if it passes, there is a non-confidence motion so we can put this neocon mess behind us and save this country before they destroy it and kill more soldiers in Afganistan.

Anonymous said...

the bigotry will fly all right....and that's exactly what we want, because sticks and stones may break our bones but the reform party will hang themselves with their own words.

harper is going to have a tough time keeping his little lords under control on this one. the fundie mp's will be easily baited, and the 'real conservatives' don't like the fundie nonsense.

dec. 7th will also see a liberal leader in the house if they can speed the process to instate him and be ready for the follies. then what chance will harpoon have against the libs, ndp and bloc on this one?

but my oh my, the words that will fly and expose the reformers down to their dark marrow.

Anonymous said...

Montreal Simon makes many excellent points, but perhaps the most significant is the vote being held on December 7th which will make 12/7/2006 another day the 'live in infamy'!

Yes sir folks, our Glorious Leader, Steve the Sleeze, will attempt, for purely political reason that appeal to the most ignorant of our populace, to over ride the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Forget that our Supreme Court has ruled on the issue. Forget we are talking about equality of rights to people regarding disposition of assets. Which even busines partnerships enjoy.

No, Steve the Sleeze, has an 'agenda' derived from his Butt Buddy, George the Bush, aka Bushy the Bum.

They are out to save the world from anything but the real threats like Global Warming, starvation, war, and injustice.

They are The Blues Brothers on a mission from GAWD!

JJ said...

Dec. 7 -- I didn't realize they'd set a specific date. Good. If they have to have this despicable vote (a vote on human rights, I thought that only happened in 3rd world shit holes), then get it over with, throw the fundies their bone. Then the other 75% of us can move on.

They will lose the vote. Bloc and NDP will vote their party line, which is against revisiting the law. Most if not all liberals will vote against it. A few conservatives will vote against it, or abstain. Even that maggot-infested pigshit McVety can't do much beyond his own scummy sphere of influence in this one.

Still, I understand your anger. The gay community is being used as a political football. It's disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Simon, I agree with JJ. I'm appalled at the insensitivity and elitism of the CPoC. I may be hetero (an old one, but still feisty), but I'm human and I believe in human rights and I believe that the majority of Canadians believe in human rights. I've already sent a note to my MP, and I suspect that is what is required. Flood your MPs with e-mails, letters, whatever...
Keep the faith.