Sunday, November 19, 2006

Santa's Parade and Harper's Klan Klown World Tour

I took my little niece and nephew to the Santa Claus parade today. They loved it of course. Some things may change. The reindeer were a little too plastic for me. But Santa is Santa. And the little tykes went berzerk. Yikes!!! I had to hold one back from making a beeline for that big white bear and presenting him with his extortion list of Christmas demands!!

I wish I could feel as happy and as hopeful as those children did this afternoon. But because I'm a gay and proud Canadian, living in Stephen Harper's Canada, I can't. I'm too sad and depressed.

Even in my worse nightmares I never imagined how much damage Harper's ReformCon thugs could do to the fabric of Canada. With only a minority government.

But the damage at home can hopefully one day be repaired. What absolutely sickens me is the damage these crazy ReformCons are doing to our image abroad. Damage that will take a generation to repair. Once I was proud to be a Canadian. Now I'm embarrassed.

Rona "Village Idiot" Ambrose's little Kyoto field trip was humiliating enough. But Great Leader's Klan Klown World Tour is even worse.

He's been going around like some kind of chickenhawk wingnut preacher, making a big fuss about human rights in other countries.
Making enemies everywhere, and making Canada look like a country of retarded rubes and aggressive little yankee stooges.. And the worst thing is he's bragging about it.

The Conservative government has introduced a gutsier, pull-no-punches style to its dealings on the international stage, Prime Minister Stephen Harper declared Sunday, suggesting the Liberals had lacked courage in the past.

“We've had very frank discussions with a wide range of leaders, including although it was not a very long discussion, a very frank discussion with President Hu of China — a distinct impression, if I may say that, that the Chinese aren't used to that from a Canadian government, but I can't speak for them,”

Wow!! Can you believe that? Posing as a toughtalking champion of human rights. While fucking with the equality rights of millions of Canadians back home.

But the worst thing is that by acting so neocon loutish and warlike dumb .... he's destroying any last chance of Canadians being able to act as true peacemakers in a world that so badly needs them. Of being able to work with both sides to help bring about an end to hostilities. Instead of just helping one side kill the other.

We've already lost so many things.... Now we've lost that proud legacy. We're not only letting the planet burn. We've thrown away one of the tools humanity had to try to stop the killing. Or rather this fat dumb pig has.

I'd laugh...Is that a beluga evening gown or a tightly stretched sausage skin? .....But it's too fucking tragic. This montrous blimp has been allowed to get away with murdering our Canadian values. And nobody has done nothing. The opposition is divided. Nobody seems to care. I must admit I sometimes feel like giving up myself. There is no passion left for anything in this country. It's all grey, boring and blah blah blah.

I feel like I don't belong. Even my friends are on my case. A gay blogger said the other day I should try anger management. As if I hadn't for eight years. So that hurt. This weekend I even thought about giving up blogging. What's the point of doing anything? If all people care about is cheap politics and making money? Nobody is listening. And the country's soul is already lost.

Maybe it's just time to return to being the other Simon I once was. On my very own desert island in my mind. Far from this dying place.
Far from anywhere....

Where I used to think about a lot of things. But never said a word...Except this time my friends would be there. Especially the one who cares about me enough to know what I'm feeling and want to say. Even when I can't. The tough but gentle French guy I love more than life itself. The one who for some mysterious reason, also loves me.So this time it would be paradise....instead of a lonely hell on earth ...

But then someone sent me a comment on my last post. Someone named Rashid. And this is what that gay brother wrote:

"This article meant a lot to me, and thanks. It shows that, maybe people really do care. Maybe the world hasn't gone mad, maybe there is still love in this world... I am a gay boy who has been fighting for his life, fighting everyday against suicide. So thanks. :)

That really touched me. Gave me a real jolt. And I remembered that all I'm really fighting for is a world where gay boys like Rashid don't have to feel lonely, afraid, sad or suicidal anymore. And can find the love every human being needs. And know that it's out there. And that it will it find them . And above all so they know that me and my gay brothers care and think about them. So they're never really alone.

Never mind the fate of Canada. That's enuff for I'm not giving up. And neither is Rashid. Hear that brother? If you read this trust're loved . And besides you don't want to make me mad....

You know one of the truly great things about being gay and lesbian is that we reach out to each other across the barriers of race, language, culture, and religion. We could help serve as bridges between people. Bring down some barriers. Help build a more peaceful and loving world. If only they would let us. If only they didn't want to kill us. Or ruin our lives.

In the meantime..... I'm looking forward to the next big parade. And I hope Rashid will be there. Oh not the Santa Claus parade. I wouldn't wish that experience on any gay boy. I've never seen so many screaming kids in my life!!!

No....our Victory Parade!!!

After all this depressing shit. And all that sadness. Isn't that worth fighting for?

Won't that day be grand!!


  1. Anonymous2:00 AM

    yay rashid!!!!

    your passion keeps the love going. 'angry young man' is a warrior in training , spirit warrior. take that walk in nature simon....don't lose your anger, but learn not to take it internally, this is what nature helps us with, to brush off what we take on inside.

  2. Anonymous9:05 AM

    To quote from a German cabaret song written during the Weimar peiod:
    "What makes them think they have the right
    to say what god considers vice
    What makes them think they have the right
    to keep us out of Paradise
    They make our lives hell here on earth
    poisoning us with guilt and shame
    if we resist prison awaits
    so our love dares not speak it's name
    The crime is when love must hide
    from now on we'll love with pride

    We're not afraid to be queer and different
    if that means hell - well, hell we'll take the chance
    they're all so straight uptight upright and rigid
    they march in lockstep we prefer to dance
    we see a world of romance and of pleasure
    all they can see is sheer banality
    Lavender nights are our greatest treasure
    where we can be just who we want to be.

    Round us all up, send us away
    that's what you'd really like to do
    But we're too strong proud unafraid
    infact we almost pity you
    You act from fear, why should that be
    what is it that you are frightened of
    the way that we dress
    the way that we meet
    the fact that you cannot destroy our love
    We're going to win our rights
    to lavender days and nights
    We're not afraid to be queer and different
    if that means hell - well, hell we'll take the chance
    they're all so straight uptight upright and rigid
    they march in lockstep we prefer to dance
    we see a world of romance and of pleasure
    all they can see is sheer banality
    Lavender nights are our greatest treasure
    where we can be just who we want to be."

    ... and we know what 'they' did to us in the Third Reich so Simon - you'd better bloody hang in there or we'll (um) "drop you on North Korea", as I heard a certain blogger from Montréal mutter a few days ago!

  3. Re simon:

    Don't let the bastards grind you down.

    The world isn't full of bastards, it just seems that way sometimes.

  4. Anonymous6:14 PM

    When I read your post, it made me smile. For the first time in the last month, I really smiled. I did not fake it, it was not half hearted. It really made me smile. I think it is these small moments, that one smiles, that we should cherish. Because, it doesn't happen very often for me... So thank you.

    Im going to do my best to fight suicide, im going to continue counseling and try to put my self out there... So please, keep fighting for those of use who can't make it on our own.


  5. Hi Everyone! Thanks for cheering me up! I'm back to my usual self now...loud groans all around!!! :)
    Scout I took your advise and went for a walk in the woods...Lenny thanks for that great poem...and you know I won't give up. I think I was just depressed by that poor guy's death,my buddy's long absence, and of course the end of summer! Beep I don't know if it's like that in Australia, I doubt it, but here fall can be quite a shock. And don't worry no bastard has ever ground me down. I did hardly speak for years, but I've more than made up for it ever since!!! Now everyone just wishes I would just shut the fuck up...
    As for you Rashid brother....that's just what I want to hear!! Just keep smiling, keep doing your counselling. It really helped me. And you'll be just fine...I visited your site and it was beautiful!! You even had a picture of Naruto and his friend up there. So it shows what a sweet heart you have. Don't worry we are all going to keep fighting for justice and love. And we're all going to win. So hang in there coz you don't want to miss that Victory Party. It'll be the best!!!! :)

  6. Simon -- "Non illegitimi carborundum est" --- Don't let the bastards get you down

    Keep that fighting spirit. You will win.