Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Bigot Games, and the Gay Marriage Vote

I went down to these ruins by the lake today. Where I sometimes like to go to think about things and chillout. I've been mourning my country recently. As well as that poor dead gay guy. But my blogging friend Scout said even spirit warriors need to take a walk in the woods now and then. So I did and it worked!! I watched my dog chase rabbits. I smoked a joint. And soon I felt mellower than I had in weeks.

So mellow in fact that when I returned I even found something nice to say about Alberta. You know the yankee wannabe one-party Banana Republic and wingnut breeding ground. Hard to believe isn't it? But it's true!!! I'm happy to report that from now on the rednecks in Calgary will no longer be allowed to defecate in public.

The bylaw, which takes effect immediately, makes it illegal to spit, fight, carry a sheath knife, urinate or defecate in public or put one's feet up on public property.

Wow!! Isn't that great?? Although what are all those rednecks and homeless people supposed to do? Move to Saskatchewan? .........still Alberta is just a little less stinkier today... Now all they got to do is deal with their growing hooker and syphilis problem.

But of course that's a purely Albertan affair...

What I want to know is when are these syphilitic hooker ReformCon pigs, who have hijacked our country and are destroying its values, going to stop shitting on OUR Parliament??????!!!!!!!!!

Today these nazi cons announced that they will hold their so-called free vote on gay marriage before Parliament adjourns. Well whoopee shit.... If these porkers think I trust them I don't. If they think I'm grateful I'm not.

This vote should never have been held. You don't vote on the equality rights of a minority. Not after they've been affirmed by the Supreme Court. The first time it was an outrage. This time it's an abomination.

The only reason Great Leader is holding a vote before Christmas is to divide and embarrass the Liberals right after their convention. But he'll have to appease his wingnut base who wanted the vote delayed. So you can be sure they'll get their bleeding pound of gay flesh.

Some kind of foul amendment will be introduced or promised. A promise to turn marriages into civil unions. Or introduce an Orwellian so-called Defence of Marriage Act. You can be sure the wingnut base will get the wink wink. To go ahead and bash gays. You can be sure that bigot bishops, like Calgary's Freaky Freddy, will never give up

The bitchop is one of those homophobes who spends more time talking about homosexuality.Than even gay people do. If you know what I mean...

The kind of creepy homophobe that when you bump into them you're not really sure whether they want to kill you. Or blow you. Or both. Ugh. Help!!!!

Freaky Freddy has gone on record as wanting gay people jailed. He doesn't want anything done to stop gay kids from being bullied. He thinks gay love is the worst thing on earth. Just like this rabid rabbi thinks homosexuality is worse than the holocaust.

"There is something worse than taking an innocent person and exterminating them in this world, and that is when you take a person and exterminate him in this world and in the next world..... You kill the person in this world and in the next world by bringing him into licentious sin whether its adultery, or other perversion or homosexuality, sexual sin. That is worse than killing."

Are these freaks sicko or what? Why aren't they in a lunatic asylum? It's so depressing. Except that... back in Israel. Two gay lovers found some justice. And we helped them!!!

Hmmm....Maybe there is still hope for Canada.Maybe we can still serve as a force for good and tolerance in this world. Maybe this vote will send out a better message than I thought it would. And show the world that some of our values are still alive in the rubble. Maybe this country is still as big and as beautiful as it once was. Just a little bruised..

But as for Alberta....... it's fucked.

Not only is the U.S. born wingnut homophobe and firewall separatist Ted Morton a serious candidate for President of Alberta.

Not only is he being secretly supported against a more moderate candidate by Stephen Harper and Stockwell Day.

Now the jackass Morton even has a song! And it's baaaaaaaad!!!!

It kind of reminds me of the music from the movie Deliverance..... Or the kind of song the good ol' boys of the Klan would hum. On their way to a lynching.

Oh yeah. Ted Moron is da man with da plan allrite...Just like the secret religious extremist Stephen Harper. Who has a plan for all of us...

See what I mean? As long as crazy homophobes like Jackass Moron, Freaky Freddy, and Weirdo Harpo roam the land singing their Klan songs. And playing their bigot games. And we're not safe. And gay kids are not safe. Or free to be who they are.

The battle for same-sex marriage may be drawing to a close. Or not.

But the battle against bigotry will go on...


Mark from Slap said...

Ah, Alberta. The only place where you can flaunt your misguidings to the tune of country western music and not be laughed out of the room.

Anonymous said...

haha, my friend you have some good, funny (and serious) strong stuff!

so glad you got out to nature and to a fave place, even better!!! it's not so much the loss of canada you're grieving, it's more like the understanding of it you have come to open your eyes to.....it's called growing pains.

ya, alberta. bazz at oi! thump! is keeping us posted on the contenders for the leadership there...of course we're not going to expect anythign great, but i didn't know morton was a top contender (ewww).