Thursday, November 16, 2006

Rona Ambrose, the Homophobe, and the Ugly Canadians

Once upon a time, not so long ago, wearing a little maple leaf on your knapsack was something that could save your life in the uncivilized parts of the world. And in the civilized parts of the world like Europe could practically get you laid. Over and over again. Oh Canada!!

Everybody loved the little scouts from the frozen land of beavers, indians, igloos and polar bears. Who could act like toothless thugs on ice. But could also be such good peacekeepers. And so caring and different from the Americans.. For a brief shining moment, when we announced plans to legalize gay marriage and decriminalize dope, we were even cool. But alas my fellow hosers not anymore.....

And it's not just the tourists who find us boring. We've disappointed the world.

At first when we decided to ignore Kyoto, decided to hold another vote on gay marriage, turned our backs on Europe, and started blowing the Chimp Regime, my European friends were just shocked. Ooh la la ... Mein Gott!!...... Wot da fuck?

Then when the ReformCons killed the dope bill they started to pity us. Then when I explained how thirty percent of these Nazis had managed to hijack a whole big country that pity turned to scorn.

And now after Rona Ambrose's latest amateur act I'm sure they think we're just a fucking joke.

"There are some who are using the Kyoto Protocol to create divisions within our country, but we will not let that happen."

Huh? Let me get this straight. She turns up at a conference about Kyoto but says nothing about Kyoto. Except to say it's being used to divide Canadians. Then she goes on to attack the Liberals. At an international conference? In front of the whole world???

Talk about airing our dirty laundry .... Oh boy...I don't know about you....but I'm going to have honour Ambrose for that rube performance by making her the first double recipient of my Village Idiot Award!!

What a cringing embarrassment. Talk about leaving a stink trail around the world. These ReformCons are making us all look bad. It took Canada more than fifty years to build up a reputation as a progressive country and a voice for peace and sanity in the world. And these Con Klowns have shredded it in less than a year.

Now thanks to Cleopatra Ambrose, Peter "the dog" MacKay, and of course Great Leader, we're not just seen as nasty little warlike yankee stooges. We're seen as provincial rubes and really dumb ones. Move over world here come the boring and ugly Canadians!!!!

Great...... now the people in the uncivilized parts all shoot at us. And in the civilized parts we can't even get a mercy fuck. .....

But what do you expect when poor dumb Rona's Chief of Staff is Darrell Reid? The former head of Focus on the Family. And the guy really pulling the strings in the ReformCon Ministry of Environmental Denial and Disinformation

Who happens to be really chummy with this other Harper theocon adviser the homophobe porker Charles McVety.

Whose hatred of gay people is only matched by his hatred of environmentalists. Who he blames for trying to stop the planet from burning. And delaying the return of his freakin' squeaking " Messiah."

This twisted homophobe hates them so much he even blames them for the downfall of the wingnut closet queen Ted Haggard.

Evangelicals had joined forces with radical environmentalists, who are well known for being ungodly and sexually immoral. James 4:4 says “ Do you not know that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whoever therefore wants to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.”

So there it is . These creepy crawly homophobes don't just want to kill gay people. They want to kill the planet. If straight Canadians don't care about us. Maybe they'll care about that. Maybe then the left can unite, and throw these crazy theocons out of office. Before they torch our country.

In the meantime we'll take care of see something in his deranged rant jumped out at me:

"If it can happen to a great leader such as Rev. Haggard... then it can happen to you or me...."

Hmmm.... really? Not chrystal meth and man ass surely? suspicious...... I think I can work with that....I think it's time McVety was asked some hard questions about his own sexuality. And since I've been going on about the Europeans. Why don't we try to get him on this guy's show?

Nicht nicht baby!! I thought it was pretty funny. Although having the real Betty McVety would have been better.

And I would have enjoyed it more if all that laughing hadn't reminded me of all the people all over the world who are laughing at us.

And asking the question more Canadians should be asking themselves....

Whatever happened to Canada?


  1. Anonymous10:59 PM

    OH that vid was TOO funny!!!! i cant believe it, how hilarious! we need more of these fun making films.

    what happened to canada? it was taken over by the french and british, and other europeans. now its at it's boiling point and natives will reclaim it....there you'll find your rightful place :)

  2. Anonymous8:23 AM

    I left the country for a while, and it all goes to shit. My bad.

  3. Achja! Bruno is brilliant, and after the success of Borat (it's the same comedian), a Bruno movie is in the works.

    Too bad Pastor Quinn won't be fooled again, though I'm thinking there'll be plenty of replacements. Ambrose, Reid, McVety, for example...

  4. Hey Scout! that sounds like a deal.But you better put in a good word for me. Just tell them all the good things about me, and lie about the others!!

    Hi Jay! Yup I'm blaming you.How dare you leave the country during a State of Impending Fascism like this!!!!! It's practically treason!!! But welcome back anyway...

    Hi Mark!!

    Yeah know at first I didn't realize it was him...but then something reminded me of the Ali G character...he really is a comic genius.I can't wait for the Bruno film. Although maybe I better brace myself...Something tells me we better be prepared to laugh at ourselves...:)