Thursday, November 02, 2006

Chairman Jimbo, Wingnut Polls, and the Bubbas of Iraq

I slept in this morning. Not because I did anything outrageous at the Halloween Party last night. At least nothing that I can remember. It's just that somebody must have spiked the punch. It wasn't the date rape drug coz I didn't have a sore bum.Whew!! But my head really hurt. And when I woke up everything was kind of woozy. And the world seemed upside down.

I mean there was the dilapidated Harris ReformCon Jimbo Flaherty, the same guy who wanted to jail the homeless, giving it to the rich like a ratty Chairman Mao. While the Liberal "defenders of the people" were going crazy attacking him for saving the country's tax base. Is Canada fucked or what?

And then there was this wingnut story and headline. About a poll that wasn't a real poll. And deserves every slap it gets.


Don't you love that headline? But why would you ask people whether clergy need to be protected when they already are? Make it sound like gay people are trying to force them to marry them. When of course they're not.

Isn't that a bit like that old Nazi question? Should the Jews be allowed to dominate the business world? You see what I mean? Create a big lie and then use it to justify everything else. That's not a fucking poll. That's a blood libel.

Oh my Nazi son of a bitch con. Johnny get your gun. When oppressors become victims, and victims become oppressors the world is really fucked and upside down.

The kind of world where Iraq burns. And young Americans are killed and mutilated every day. But the big story is a war hero apologizing to a war dodger and war criminal for calling the troops dumb.

When they is isn't they?

I don't know about you. But them bubbas sound like idjits to me.... if they wuz good at skool Peter Mackay is a geeneeus. Insted of a dum dawg.

Although that bumbling fool Kerry got it wrong. He forgot to mention that it's even worse than that. After they drop out of school,a lot of these poor kids get a bad drug habit, go to jail. And only then do they go to Iraq.

In February, the Baltimore Sun wrote that there was "a significant increase in the number of recruits with what the Army terms 'serious criminal misconduct' in their background" -- a category that included "aggravated assault, robbery, vehicular manslaughter, receiving stolen property and making terrorist threats."

But now the Jailhouse Brigade is so offended they're supporting The Chimp and his gang. Apparently believing that dying for nothing is better than being called dum. Or staying in jail. Is that rich or what?

You know you really have to wonder...... As the planet burns and we seem helpless to do anything about it. And nothing is what it appears to be. And words don't mean anything anymore. Just what each side wants them to mean. And vicious homophobes pose as victims and get away with it.

Is the world really a crazy place?

Or is the idjits us?

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"we have destructed the porta-potty!"

They sure done did destructed dat der shitter.