Saturday, November 25, 2006

Tony Blair, Our Little Farce, and the Screwing of Amerika

Wow! What a strange week. It began with Tony Blair standing in the middle of a desert in Afghanistan declaring that what happens in that miserable fucking place really matters. A lot.

"Here in this extraordinary piece of desert is where the future of world security in the early 21st Century is going to be played out."

Huh? As another British commentator wrote: What is it about deserts that drives men mad?

Although I thought the Guardian's Steve Bell captured that desert moment best....

How about the 14th Century?

It would be even funnier, of course, if we weren't in that shithole ourselves. Talking the same crazy nonsense...

Then there was our little constitutional or nation crisis. That caught everyone by surprise. Was greeted like some kind of horrible tragedy. And ended in farce. So much for that one-week wonder...

Then as if to torment us constitutionally....back came the demented figure of the Buffoon Blair. Who ended his week in Scotland going after the separatists. Say wot?

" It is a shame we still have to debate whether the UK exists or not. Personally, I think it's an old debate, like 'Does Britain want to be part of Europe?' - a debate about a fashion that has long since lost its relevance or its sense. In a modern, interdependent world, countries are moving together, not apart."

Hmmm.....sound familiar? It seems we're not the only country with an existential problem.

Then of course there was the horror of Iraq... Where U.S. soldiers stuffed themselves with Thanksgiving turkey. And Iraqi soldiers looked the other way. While monsters burned people alive.

You know when people use electric drills to torture their victims before beheading or shooting them. Or roast them like pigs. Or blow them to bloody bits. Just because of their religion.This isn't a civil war anymore. This is an apocalypse of the human soul.

If you want to see what war does to soldiers. How it coarsens them, even when they're not killing. Then watch the video in this great post.

Isn't that cruel and sad...the poor desperate people of Iraq.

But there is only so much sadness and weirdness one can take. And it is the weekend after all...When we think of other things...

At least I do...

But if you want to have a laugh. And still remind yourself of how the bastard Bush has not only devastated Iraq. But screwed his own country.

Then watch this video as well...

So that's how straight people do it....

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Anonymous4:29 AM

    that videos classic....nice find!!!

    soldiers taunting children with water bottles, eating turkey while devastation takes place, blair pissing in the sand....strange last few days.

    when those soldiers grow up, when they have grandchldren, bet they won't be bragging about their stories like they do to their buddies now.

  2. Anonymous3:16 PM

    since you like the seperatists so much that does mean you like to play the French maid? ;-)

  3. Hey Anonybitch! That's not what you told me when I fucked you last weekend...all you said then was "ouch that hurts!" and "please sir can I have more?"
    Besides I don't go in for dressup sex...although if I had to I'd probably be the long as there was another shepherd boy on that lonely mountain...But with the rude and ruff boys who seem to fancy me...I'm afraid I might end up as the favourite sheep... And that would be stealing your role...baaaaaaaaa! :)

  4. Anonymous9:18 PM

    my, those anonymous commentors seem to want you, siimon. will they stay in the blogging and sexual closet forever?

  5. I gotta admit, that video was pretty scary.

  6. Mmm...that's a mighty flexible gymnast! BTW, posted the skate event...keep in touch!