Thursday, August 06, 2009

Animal Stories and the Divided Left

It was a picture that went around the world. It made Australia look good. It made people happy.

So there are a lot of sad people today. And Australia is in mourning.

Sam had become a symbol of hope for Australians after the deadliest bushfires in the the country's history.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd said the 4-year-old koala's death was "tragic".

But Crudd banned gay marriage the other day.

So what does he know about mourning?

"The prime minister has made it clear that a Labour government will not support any form of recognition of relationships that undermine marriage," Attorney-General Robert McClelland told delegates to the Labour Party conference.

And they're the PROGRESSIVE party.

Then there's this picture that also made a lot of people sad.

Gana the gorilla refusing to believe that her baby was dead...

But at least this one has a happy ending.

With fierce pride Gana the gorilla gently cradles her tiny baby. Her powerful forearm presses the wrinkly, virtually hairless child to her chest.

But as of last month Gana, aged 12, is a mother again and has been happily cradling her newborn, whose sex is unknown, and giving it rides on her back.

Meanwhile in election looms...and so does the jungle.

And all I can think is where's Iggy Jack Tarzan when we need him?

And how is the invisible divided left doing eh?

Libs/NDP/Greens 56.5 Cons 34.9.

Answer: Enjoying the summer while it's still here !!!

Gimme another Margarita !!!

You know I hate to run animal stories because they're so EASY.

But sometimes I can't help it....


  1. Anonymous12:18 PM

    animal stories have definite merit - after all, harper is a jackass, iggy is a snake, layton is a monkey, duceppe is a terrier, may is a frog.

    oops, hope i haven't insulted the animal kingdom!

    oh please, another election....just as long as iggy and the pops don't win....let's go for another minority with the ndp in the big swing chair, at least! lesser of evils is best.

    oh ya, do those crazy xtians know that most animals are bisexual?

  2. You've got an award on my blog:

  3. Hi Scout...OK I admit it. I really do love animal stories and I love sharing them with other people.
    And the only animals I don't like are the Harper Cons... ;)
    As for this post...aargh...I really should have saved that video for the Blogging Tories.
    But I am really alarmed because Harper is clearly going for an election this fall, and our side isn't ready or aggressive enough...

  4. Hola Atreides...thank you very much I'm honoured. And SHOCKED. I don't have many virtues, but modesty is one of them. And for good reason.... :)