Friday, August 14, 2009

Rachel Maddow Exposes the Mobs-GOP Connection

And who is pushing the Obama as Hitler smear...

"I pray that God will strike Obama dead and all who stand with him they are evil."

And all I can say Obama is literally Hitler.

May The Great Mamoona strike down these wingnuts and all those who stand with them because they are CRAZY.

And oh yeah....

May their dogs BITE them...

Poor dog eh?

Poor Amerika.

Thank goodness I don't live there...


  1. You know, that "lady" is probably going to die of a heart attack alone in her house, and that dog will EAT HER!


  2. hi Dr. Prole....OMG that's too HORRIBLE. I just want to know if they've been using aversion therapy on the dog to make him cringe at the sound of the word Obama. If that's the case then he should eat her IMMEDIATELY... ;)