Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Why I Call Stephen Harper a Monster

A few years ago, after Stephen Harper attacked women and children's rights like a rabid piranha. Forced gay people to endure another vote on their human rights. And went after the poor gentle Dion like a loathsome cowardly bully.

I stared into his cold dead eyes and decided to call him a monster.

I'm sure that caused some of the snootier bloggers to roll their eyes and say: Gawd that silly stoopid faggot doesn't he know this is CANADA?

So I'd just like to say to them how do you like the monster NOW?

After years in solitary confinement, Mr. Khadr is now being held with other detainees. His Canadian lawyer, Dennis Edney, describes the area as a "cage" in which his client is chained to the floor.

Mr. Edney said Mr. Khadr is blind in one eye and is slowly losing sight in the other. Prison officials have denied requests for glasses for security reasons.

So now this young Canadian is chained in a cage with a bunch of backward religious fanatics who I'm sure will force him to read the Koran all day instead of his beloved comic books.

He's still got so much shrapnel in him the guards call him "Buckshot Bob." Because he was first bombed by planes, and then shot in the back.

He's blind in one eye. His other eye is so damaged light causes him excruciating pain. But the war criminals who run that gulag won't allow him to wear sunglasses for security reasons?

And even after two Canadian courts have demanded he be returned, Stephen Harper wants him to suffer even MORE?

Gosh. If that doesn't a monster make what does? And who are we waiting for to make the diagnosis...a doctor or a veterinarian?

But then what do I expect ? Some bloggers were wondering today why Great Ugly Leader wants the Supreme Court to rule quickly.

When it should be so OBVIOUS. Harper wants a quick decision so he can use it to fire up his rabid base before an election. Because they hate the Supreme Court just as much as he does.

And not just that eh? Also go after the votes of all the people in this country who hate brown people and Mooslims.

For him it's just another wedge issue to use in the next election campaign. Even as the young Canadian who dreams of being an artist slowly goes BLIND.

Oh boy. You know when I said that if the monster and his Cons were not stopped they would end up destroying Canada and its values?

I may be a silly stoopid faggot.

But I meant that too...


Dr.Dawg said...

Why would you insult monsters? What did they ever do to you?

I could go along with "cold-spirited racist" though.

Ricky Barnes said...

I may be a silly stoopid faggot as well

Simon said...

hi Dr. Dawg... no no no those are Munsters not Monsters and they're FRIENDLY :)
Seriously though I really don't know what to make of Harper's inability to act like a fully formed human being.
I'm almost sure he's a clinical psychopath unable to show empathy.
But knowing that he's such a rabidly partisan political animal I have to think he sees some electoral advantage to this. And I fear this man is prepared to use the ugly racist streak that affects more than his base fr political advantage.
Needless to say I hope I'm wrong...

Simon said...

Hi Ricky...WOT???? No you can't be. Sorry. My self esteem counsellor told me to stand up for myself and that I could be anything I wanted to be. So I'm claiming this title for myself...coz I've EARNED IT !!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

he works with banksters and lawyers to bring in the NAU and annex canada into the Americas. He is beyond terms of endearment like monster. He is a repulsive, festering puke hole who was not elected in... Last voter turn out was so low that if you take what Conservatives received in votes... approx 25% of canadians support them and thats it... there is Canadian Foolitics for you. Sooner you realize you are born in to slavery and will die one, sooner you can see the facade around our lives.