Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Stephen Harper and the Road to Alabama

As Stephen Harper continues to proclaim that we won't need to raise taxes to dig us out of the deficit, even though most serious economists disagree.

But nobody dares challenge Great Mad Leader because taxes have become electoral poison, instead of the mark of a civilized society.

I think it's about time that Canadians asked these Cons what exactly would they like Canada to resemble?


The extra cuts the governor made Tuesday -- $489 million -- took nearly $80 million that pays for workers who help abused and neglected children; $50 million from Healthy Families, which provides healthcare to children in low-income families; $50 million from services for developmentally delayed children under age 3; $16 million from domestic-violence programs; and $6.3 million from services for the elderly. Among other reductions was $6.2 million more from parks, which could result in the closure of 100, rather than 50, of California's 279 state parks

Or Alabama.

It is hardly unusual these days for a government building to forgo a fresh paint job or regular lawn care to cut costs. But last week, the director of the Jefferson County public nursing home was told that the county could no longer afford to bury indigent patients.

Across town at the juvenile detention center, the man in charge was trying to figure out how to feed the 28 children in his custody when the entire cafeteria staff is let go.

In both places they got rid of taxes or froze them, then realized they needed them, but couldn't raise them or bring them back.

So as the cracker said:

“The big dogs ate all the bones. Now we are all out of bones. The chips are gone, and the poker game’s gone. You can’t play poker without any chips.”

Or pay for stuff like medicare in Canada either.

Stephen Harper could win the next election by promising not to raise taxes. And then use a fiscal crisis to kill the government he so despises.

By first starving it and then hacking it to death.

So the choice is really simple: pay now or REALLY pay later.

And make sure Canadians understand that BEFORE an election. Because in the heat of a campaign Great Mad Leader might be able to fool enough ignorant Canadians that he's NOT walking around in his underwear. That taxes really are poison.

And we could lose our future...like he lost his sanity.... before we even KNOW it.

P.S. And what would Harper's vision of a tax free Canada look like? Oh it would be a real jungle, where NOBODY would be safe.

And Cons ran around saying HEY instead of EH....

Civilization or the JUNGLE.

That's the real choice...


  1. I'm a longtime reader, first time responder. This was an excellent post. In particular, I enjoyed the Jurassic Park throwback video. Oh, and the part where your analysis makes complete sense to anyone with even the most elementary of economic knowledge.


  2. Hi Dylan... thanks for your comment. I'm always glad to hear from people who read my humble little blog. Goodness knows I inflict enough punishment on you :)
    But I am worried that so many Canadians don't understand what a fanatic ideologue Stephen Harper is, and I think it's very important to try to communicate this to people as clearly and as simply as possible. It's essential that they understand what kind of vision he has for our beautiful country...and why we must reject it.
    As for those Con dinosaur raptors...HEY I just couldn't help myself...;)

  3. Anonymous12:36 AM

    The Canadian path to an "Alabama" is the ending of equalisation payments.