Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Homophobes and the Big Kiss-in

I see that Michael Kandola, who allegedly assaulted two gay men in Vancouver for the crime of holding hands, is finally going to stand trial.

Smith was holding hands with another man on Davie St Sep 27, 2008 when police say a group of men yelled homophobic slurs at the gay men. Kandola then allegedly punched Smith.

Smith underwent surgery after the attack to have his jaw wired shut so it could heal. It was broken in three places.

And I'm thinking if the sight of two men holding hands drives these homophobes crazy, this should drive them off the deep end.

All over America, and in a few cities in Canada, on Saturday, August 15, at 2 PM EDT, people of every orientation, gender, and race will gather with their partners, husbands, wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, better-halves and loved ones, and at the top of the hour, simply kiss.

Now I'm tragically Scottish Canadian, and not much for public displays of emotion. But when I feel like hugging or kissing my lover I don't give a shit what anybody thinks. If they've got a problem then FIGHT me. So the idea of holding a kiss-in to defend my right to express my love used to strike me as practically HUMILIATING.

And last year I wrote a post I'd rather forget making fun of this project.

By joking that straight guys who were planning to hold hands in solidarity should make sure they wrote their blood types on the back of their hands. Or wear t-shirts saying "I'm really STRAIGHT don't kill me."

Because that's what can happen to us. Every day of the year.

But now I regret being so cynical.

Now I figure that in a world where violent homophobes have turned a simple act of human affection into something that could hurt or kill you, the more kissers and huggers and hand holders the better.

And sadly this is true too:

"...when you're trying just to be thought of as a human being, the smallest victories feel like huge ones."

So I surrender.

Go for it. Fight for the right to love. Surprise your lover with a political act. Smooch.

Send those bigots in Vancouver that message.

And I'll send them this one....


  1. So sad. There are some very pathetic and insecure men out there that they feel so threatened by two people sharing their love that they have to assault them.

    But I'm a little confused about one of your comments. I'm also Scottish-Canadian (My mom is from Glasgow) and love PDA. Many of us Brit-Cans don't mind showing affection in public at all-gay or straight.

  2. Hi Hannah...yes it is sad and pathetic isn't it?
    As for the Scottish thing...I really shouldn't generalize. But you know I read an article in The Scotsman recently that looked at why Scots have a reputation for being dour. The conclusion? All the optimistic ones left for other countries and only the gloomy ones stayed behind. And I was born and spent my early boyhood in a small town/village in the bleak north...not some romantic place like Edinburgh.
    So all I can say is that although I am extremely proud of my Scottish heritage, and I love my Scottish Dad, thank goodness my Mum is English from sunny Kent, and my boy friend is French Canadian, or I would REALLY be in trouble... ;)