Friday, August 14, 2009

Omar Khadr and Harper's Apartheid Regime

Another day. Another court victory for Omar Khadr. Another slap in the face for Stephen Harper's ugly rogue regime.

The Appeal Court agreed with O’Reilly that Canada had an obligation to take steps to "protect Khadr from further abuse" and that by refusing to request his repatriation, his charter rights were also violated.

From those trying to defend our precious Canadian values.

But still this cruel political thug doesn't get it:

Noting that the Appeal Court's ruling was a split decision, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said that he wouldn’t comment until the Department of Justice had examined the decision.

Oh boy. I've written about this foul travesty of justice for three years, and I've just about run out of things to say.

So I think I'll just echo Dr Dawg.

And what Boris says at the Galloping Beaver.

And wonder who are these crazed CBC commenters? Because I don't recognize them:

Arrest warrants should be issued immediatly against the 2 judges that voted for the terrorists.

They are blatently putting the Majority of Canadians at risk by siding with a known terrorist and as such. should be arrested ,charged and jailed indefineatly

Just like I don't recognize the kind of Ugly Canada Stephen Harper believes in. And will never accept that our beautiful country can't be better than that.

Because whatever Harper and his braying jackass supporters say or do, NOTHING will ever change the fact that this badly wounded Canadian child soldier should NEVER have been locked up in that gulag called Guantanamo.

And should NEVER EVER have been tortured.

You know I don't have many things to be proud of in my life so far, but supporting Omar Khadr in the face of this deranged vengeful racist hysteria is definitely one of them.

So the only question I have now is when will we FINALLY be rid of this disgusting un-Canadian apartheid regime?

Before they shame us FURTHER...


  1. Anonymous6:58 PM

    When I heard Harper's reaction I was finally surprised by the depths he could sink to.

  2. hi Lilian....I'm not suprised by anything Harper does. I simply can't understand the man's humanity deficit. The Khadr case should be above politics, bringing him home is the only human and decent thing to do.
    The man really is a MONSTER...