Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Mike Duffy and the YouTube Cons

When Mike Duffy waddled off to the Senate I thought that was the last I'd ever see of that abominable Con hack.

But alas I was wrong. I see he's making a sort of comeback as the star of the Con YouTube Channel.

The Winnipeg new media design firm, Mars Hill Group, has landed a contract with the federal Conservatives to "deliver their message to supporters nation-wide."

The company's website says they will be helping individual Conservative MPs and Senators make personal, customized videos. The first one will star former CTV host turned Conservative Senator Mike Duffy and will "start hitting inboxes early this fall."

So now I'm thinking what WOULD a personal, customized video of Mike Duffy look like?

Would it be a fireside chat with Duffy in a Lay-Z- Boy .....and a two chickens roasting on a spit in the fireplace?

Would it be a tour of PEI's lobster festivals...with the Puffer polishing off three dozen large crustaceans in less than two minutes. Because I'd watch that one.

Would he put on an Anne of Green Gables wig and take part in a sack race? Scaring the tourists, causing a major earthquake on the mainland...and a tsunami in Europe.

Or would it be Sexy Mike in a silk dressing gown telling dirty jokes about his opponents. And going har har hardy har....slobber....*gasp*

Because he's done that before. And it was HORRIBLE.

Oh boy. I don't know if Stephen Harper promised Duffy anything more than a Senate seat for helping to bring down Dion.

Because he's sure acting like now he wants to be a Cabinet Minister.

But I do know something.

If that bozo Bezen can have a horse...

Duffy can have all the lobsters he wants.

AND a dancing chicken...

Or a dancing dog...

Because at least the dog would be good eh?

Now somebody please make that ridiculous Con hippo hack the Minister of Mashed Potatoes.

And tell him to go away...


  1. Hi penlan... thank you. I do believe that Duffy brings out the best in me. Or should I say the WORST?
    But I must say I REALLY like that dancing chicken. I think I'll be using it again... ;)

  2. Anonymous8:52 AM

    Going to be using that dancing dog...
    Very funny!